Top 5 Rappers of All-Time From California!

Top 5 Rappers of All-Time From California!

I just avoid cool checking it away I
watching what’s up gr me aka ghetto game y’all
the smartest people on YouTube you know I’m saying so I know yall already privy
to the fact that there’s a top 50 list going around on the internet then I was
going to just drop the day or yesterday was the top 50 rappers from LA so I’m
going to get on GTV there’s the top 5 rappers from the west
coast my pick so tune in you watch it hip-hop news
with your boy C Street hip-hop GTV don’t forget the
GTV with your boy C Street I am C Street aka Captain ghetto
stick a toe is cheat you know upon you to stop playing with yourself shoot up
the subscribe blast shoot up the life but you know what to do now let’s go
ahead and get into this list and I appreciate you chief rocking with and
watching the channel you feel me now my time fire from the west coast you feel
me it’s gone goal or something like this let me pause
the video right quick because it’s a train coming I know you want the metro
train look like when a judo – the fat still me I so number five
gonna be it’s gonna be time you know I said I’m a five ponytail it’s gonna be it’s gonna be the gang chinchilla my
film and the reason why is because rappers you know said Kendrick Lamar
deserves be on the list because he dropped at least two classic albums and
he won the Pulitzer Prize for hip-hop that’s major you know I’m saying people
credit him for being one of the greatest rappers so from the west coast one tying
him with the game when the game first came out fit he said he had a tidal wave
you feel me early but I was rocking with the game build me and most rappers got a
five-year run the game definitely had a five-year run he extended that giant
little bit but you know his fans and his core audience started doing the link
down he did some diss songs against Meek Mill and a couple of other things you
know the keeper’s relevancy up with whatever but you know he ain’t really as
hot as what he used to be that’s why he number five but here’s one of the
greatest of all time now moving on next to the list number for this guy to be
Ice Cube would you thought it was gonna be talked about the west coast here the
west coast wouldn’t really be nothing you’re on them saying without the
contribution Ice Cube you know I’m saying he dropped two classic albums
that certificate in the other and not only that he’d been doing this thing
since the late 80s he done did about fourteen movies you don’t I’m saying so
he he’d been doing a lot of tours he’d been representing hip hop for the world
wide scale and he crashed he’s one of the greatest rappers from
the west coast his Ice Cube you know I’m saying check him out you know what I’m
saying so I put him at number four you know what I’m saying cause he been doing
his thing now currently his right see it’s not really all that he did just
drop a new album this year I don’t know if people can paying attention you know
I’m saying but the hydrating around his name ma’am
moving on to number three on the third spot for the number one for the top five
rappers from the west side you filming this GTV pick with your boy captain
Kevin ghetto C Street Oh number three is gonna have to go to the
one that only legendary billionaire music hip-hop mogul dr. Dre my fans
already knew that could add some small but dr. Dre you know I’m saying he’s
number three he’s an arguably the greatest producing
hip hop around he has dropped multi-platinum album multiple
multi-platinum albums classic albums you know his rhymes are tight as I don’t
know what because he got ghost rides he got like Eminem Snoop Dogg a lot of
people done the ghost wrote for dr. Dre Rakim goes wrote for dr. Dre 50 cent
goes wrote for dr. Dre you know a lot of people jay-z a lot of people go slow for
dr. Dre but that doesn’t take away the fact that he has produced two classic
albums and this third one was pretty good too I don’t care what nobody say I
could still play that chain you know saying so dr. Dre I gotta kill him the
third spot you know what I’m saying and you know he he’s been accused of having
ghost producers whatever I might do a video in that Mike Alonzo and Scott
Storch did a lot of his beats and he did not put them he did not give him credit
you know what I’m saying he got credit for a lot of beasts he didn’t do and
that’s a fact you know I’m saying dr. Dre and he a
billionaire you know I’m saying he only got a billion dollars but he a
billionaire you me if that makes any sense she’s on I’m
saying my Jesus know what’s up make sure y’all subscribe to the channel man I’m
trying to get 7000 subscribers I’m watching over 30 30 countries you know
I’m saying and I call the door with your support
and feel free to share my videos the anybody you don’t say any one of my
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moving on to the number two spot if you didn’t know before now you know the
number two spot for the top five hip-hop artists on the west side if you had to
guess they don’t gots no more it’s gonna be Snoop Dogg you know what I’m saying
during the time he dropped this album the doggy styles the number one
anticipated album number one they had the most first week sales in any rap
album you don’t them saying he was uh no but he had that he was fighting the
murder case you know I’m saying he beat the murder case that helped his album
sales you’re saying he was out there with two pop snoo trade yuen-han no no I
am saying snoop oh yeah then was the dynasty failed whoo and death row
decimated you know I’m saying will he go him within no limit he was still selling
records you know selling records with no limit then I’d be left alone limit
he went before Ellen in Virginia with star traffic still selling records like
snoop been in the game for over 20 years he deserves the number 2 spot from the
west coast you can’t think of the west coast without truth though that’s why
they asked him to talk at Nipsey Hussle funeral because he’s well-respected we
don’t understand he’s a rolling 60 Crips and I got a video history of the Crips
you can go ahead and check that J now do you want to spend a little bit more you
know I’m saying so snoop go ahead take that crown G you got the number-2 spot
from the west coast you know I’m saying now moving on the number 1 if you
already know there’s your boy – pop – pop groans – cool now we know that he’s
not from the West Coast we know that he was born in New York we know that but
however the reason why I put him on is listen because he raps Elaine he raps
about LA from the beginning of his career to the end his career you know
so he’s late he’s just born into your butt you know what I’m saying
this rat career when he started his rap career
it was birth so to cry laughs and he published you know rat artists from the west coast
wrestling pencils or the boy pop you feel me hey did you guns cock – pop
films appreciate early stage – 5 did for the game another chance it wasn’t the
two cops and it’s contributions to hip hop
the game will be a whole lot different you know sound a whole lot different you
never know your favorite right we may not have never even made it you know I’m
saying to five say I’m not gonna change the world
back as fuck the brain that’s gonna change I’m gonna fuck the brand or the
person that’s gonna change the world and that person was knit seen us
you feel me if it wasn’t for Tupac you would not have Mitzy Hussle thank you
pop believe it that’s why he number one and not affect God literally no new job
shot fired from the West Coast I’m interested in hearing it even if you
agree with me just push your top five let’s get some
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  1. 😎πŸ’ͺ🏾 salute on this one PAC 1# NUMBER that's what up I knew it πŸ’ƒπŸΎπŸ’• hell yeah πŸ˜‚ his legacy live forever πŸ•ŠοΈπŸŽ€ through you you keep his legacy going to and congratulations to the rest who made that list AMARU SHAKUR would be proud thanks great video as usual βš‘πŸ’ƒπŸΎπŸ’•πŸŽ€πŸ•ŠοΈ r.i.pπŸ’•πŸ’™πŸ’―πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  2. Ice Cube πŸ’―πŸ‘

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