Trevecca School of Music and Worship Arts

(upbeat music) – The Department of Music offers several degree programs
that prepares a student for work in the field as commercial or classical musicians. Writing music, theory
and composition for film, video games, for the concert hall, for everything in between. – The Department of Music constantly brings me closer to my artistry by helping me be part
of various ensembles. – Recording technology, engineering, all of those disciplines
roll into what we offer, we do it with excellence. – For the student who would like to be a worship arts major- an individual who would like to be a worship pastor, a worship leader at a church- the worship arts program at
Trevecca is ideal for them. – One of my favorite
things about Trevecca’s Worship Arts program is
that I have the ability to learn sound doctrine
and sound theology, all while gaining practical experience for the musical side of worship leading – Not only does the student
have the opportunity to learn the music language through theory and performance aspects
but there’s an emphasis placed on theology, the why do we worship. – So the National Praise
and Worship Institute, it’s a program from the school of Music and Worship arts and the purpose of our program is to train students who want to become worship leaders, worship pastors, song writers, or even Christian artists. Now how we do that is pretty unique, see from day one our
students are placed in a band and that band becomes the training ground for what we do and NPWI. So you learn to write music together, arrange music, play multiple instruments. – So the National Praise
and Worship Institute has really trained me in
several different areas. I have become more proficient in my
percussive instrument, my piano, become more
confident in my voice. – But we really want
to go deeper than that, so we really want to train in life skills. We believe that training life skills are important for wherever
God calls you to be. – I also love the fact
that my teachers constantly challenge me and push me to my limit and they help me become a better artist each and every day. – The thing that makes us
unique here at Trevecca is that we have the
faculty, the facilities, and the personal interest
in you as a student. To watch you grow
towards your career path. – When you’re going through ups and downs, you’ve got a great group
of people, mentors, and adjuncts that are
sewing into your life to help you through these formidable years while you’re in college. – We’re doing some things here at Trevecca that aren’t seen at the
school of any size, anywhere. – I mean, you learn to work together, you learn to pray with each other, we train in organization,
we train in leadership. – If you’re considering what holistic type of program will develop me musically, theologically, communication wise, I believe Trevecca would be excellent for you to consider. – These people become like
brothers and sisters to me, family members. – I’m in love with Trevecca and I’m in love with my
classes and my professors and I wouldn’t change a thing. (steady tempo music)

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