Try Not To Sing Pop Punk Songs

– I have to clench
every muscle in my body. – Come on!
– No. – Do it.
– No. – Do it!
– No. – Wow. (laughs) Are you breathing?
– (breathes heavily) No. ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) Today, you’re gonna be
doing a Try Not To Sing challenge! – Whoa!
– I’ve never done one of these. – Neither have I. – I sit across from her!
– He hears how often I sing out loud. Long story short,
this is gonna be a nightmare. – I guess I’m like a shower singer,
and a car singer. I’m not a huge karaoke guy, you know?
So I stay out of the public eye. – I’m like a grocery line singer. – I don’t know if I’ve ever heard
that term though, like a grocery line singer. – (FBE) But there’s a bit of a twist.
– Okay. – (FBE) All of the songs
from this challenge will be late ’90s
to early 2000s Pop Punk. – How dare you? I literally have a Paramore quote
tattoo on my body, so like…
– You do. – This is gonna be really hard for me. – Sierra wasn’t even born yet! – I was born in ’94! – Sierra was just being born, you think she’s gonna
even give a [bleep] about any of these songs?
I’m an ’85 baby! These are my wheelhouse.
– I have an advantage. – (FBE) If you dance or sing along
to the songs, you will get a strike. The person with the least strikes
is the winner. – Can we snap?
– (FBE) No. – Oh.
– Oh. – (FBE) Don’t look like
you’re enjoying music. – (sighs) That’s hard! – (FBE) So just so you know,
all of the songs were actually voted on
by the FBE SuperFam! – Oh, SuperFam!
– SuperFam! We love you SuperFam. – (FBE) Get those headphones on
and let’s get ready! – You betcha!
– I was born ready. – ♪ Oh, well imagine ♪ – We’re really gonna start with this? – It’s rude. – This is a good song, but
I never understood what it was about. – Oh shoot, shoot! – This, you were born
when this song came out. – I was born, and I love this song. – (sings along)
♪ What a beautiful wedding ♪ Sorry, I just have
so many good memories with this song. (sings along) ♪ Is a whore ♪
(buzzer rings) – I’m not a huge Panic fan.
– I can’t, I’m having a lot of panic, and no disco right now.
Oh my God, I don’t wanna do it. (grunts)
– ♪ Closing the damn door ♪ ♪ No, it’s much better to face ♪
♪ These kinds of things ♪ – With a sense of
poise and rationality! (buzzer rings) – ♪ I chime in with a ♪
♪ Haven’t you people ever heard of ♪ – I’m betraying my little
Ashley middle school self. – I really am too.
– ♪ To face these kinds of things ♪ – Sierra, have fun man,
this is your moment. – You have fun, Kyle!
– You really wanna have fun. This is easy for me. – I have to clench
every muscle in my body. – ♪ No, much better to face these ♪
♪ Kinds of things with a sense of ♪ – You can’t see it,
but I’m gripping the ends of the armchair right now. If that’s the first song,
I’m really nervous for this challenge. – I lost the first one,
but I’m okay with that. ‘Cause this is a classic jam for me.
– It is. – Sierra said she liked that guy
from Fallout Boy, Pete Wentz, more than Brendon Urie.
– I feel attacked right now. – Yeah, you should.
– And I’m not about it, Kyle. – Wow.
– Oh my gosh, this is a really good song. – Fountains of Wayne,
Stacy’s Mom. – Dude, okay, this band was named
after a store from my hometown. – Oh no. This was literally my favorite song
in middle school. – I used to be a bar mitzvah DJ,
and I would play this song at all the bar mitzvahs in 2004. – This one’s not gonna get me.
I’m gonna be fine. – (both singing along)
♪ Baby, can’t you see ♪ ♪ Stacy’s mom has got it going on ♪
♪ She’s all I want ♪ ♪ And I waited for so long ♪
(buzzer rings) – (sings along)
♪ Stacy’s mom has got it going on ♪ ♪ She’s all that I want ♪
♪ And I’ve waited for so long ♪ You know you want to.
(buzzer rings) – ♪ Stacy can’t you see ♪
♪ You’re just not the girl for me ♪ – Mm-mm, I’m gonna
hold strong for this one. – I was in fourth grade
when this came out. You’re just jealous.
– Yeah. – ♪ Stacy’s mom has got it goin’ on ♪
– I can feel his eyes sometimes, and I don’t wanna look,
’cause then I’ll give in. (buzzer rings) – Come on!
– No. – Do it!
– No. – Do it!
– No! – Wow, are you breathing?
– (breathes heavily) No. No I’m not. – There’s a store in my town called
Fountains of Wayne, and that’s what the band
was named after. It was like a Christmas store. Like I have no clue why they
named themselves after that store. – I remember watching the music video.
– Yeah, no, it’s really good. – Yeah. – I remember I used to play that song
while I was babysitting. – Weird babysitter song,
but okay. – Ah, shoot.
I love this song! ♪ Go around a time or two ♪
♪ Just to waste my time with you ♪ – Come on.
– My eyes are watering. – Come on!
– I know this song, I like this song. It never was, it never really had
a place in my life, I guess, if that makes sense.
– Yeah. – I’m like I think I’m moving. (laughs) (sings along) ♪ I’ll keep you ♪
♪ My dirty little secret ♪ – Oh my God, I was about to…
(buzzer rings) – (sings along) ♪ I’ll keep you ♪
♪ My dirty little secret ♪ Come on, Ashley!
– No. – Damn it!
(buzzer rings) – I’ll tell you my
dirty little secret. Dirty little secret.
– That counts! – Dirty little secret. (laughs)
– That has to count. – This is spoken word art,
it’s not singing! (buzzer rings) – Come on Sierra, have fun man,
this is not fun for the viewers. The viewers wanna see
Sierra dance, right? They wanna see you dance. – I can think of nothing more fun
than beating my boss, and that is what I intend to do.
(Kyle laughs) – It’s right there, you know? It’s right there.
– Mm-hmm. – Not signing to that song
makes me feel like an All-Amercan Reject. – Always used to listen to this album
on repeat, through middle school and high school,
and this is really painful and I don’t like this challenge. – I like All-American Rejects,
I don’t like them enough to sing them because I do this thing
where if I don’t know the words, I won’t sing. – See, not knowing the lyrics
has never stopped me before. – (laughs) I wish it would. – (FBE) Next song.
– Let’s do it. I’m gonna hold it together
for this one. – Are you though? – ♪ All the small things ♪ – Damn it. – This is what I was talking about.
– Ooh, this is the good [bleep]. – I still remember how to play
the drums along to this song. – Mmm.
(Connor mumbles) – I hate this song,
because I feel like it’s about me, ’cause I’m a small thing.
(buzzer rings) – It’s Blink-182.
I think you wanna sing this one. – (both sing along) ♪ I know ♪
♪ You’ll be at my show ♪ – I had to hit the harmony.
(buzzer rings) – Do you know the words to this song?
– I can do this. I know almost every word to this song. – Prove it.
– Do you? – Prove it.
– You prove it. – I don’t know the words. – ♪ Commiserating ♪
– Do it! – Uh uh.
– Do it! My purpose in this game now
is just to get her to lose. – ♪ Carry me, nah nah nah nah nah ♪
– (laughs) I hate you so much! – Uh uh. – My head’s gonna explode.
– It does feel that way. I’m like (grunts).
Okay, good, okay, I feel good. – Nothing says ’90s and 2000s
Pop Punk more than some nah-nah, nah-nah, nah-nah, nahs. – I did listen to Blink a lot, but that was, I think, because
my mom listened to blink a lot, so I listened to it. – I mean, same.
Exact same specifically, Niomi’s mom used to
play it all the time. – ♪ When I was a young boy ♪
– Oh, Kyle loves this song. – Oh my God, I do love this song. – This is the first song that
I learned how to play on the piano. – ♪ To see a marching band ♪ – This song’s about death.
This song’s about death. – Like when I was sad,
I would just sit in my room and just listen to this. – I also remember
when they premiered this. They were like, they had
like a whole MTV live event, I think. – (sings along)
♪ The beaten and the damned ♪ Come on!
– No. – Come on!
– Nope. – Come on!
(buzzer rings) – Here it comes! – No no, I’m sure I won’t go into it.
– It’s coming! (laughs)
– ♪ Will you defeat them ♪ – No, he gave in!
– No I didn’t! – Yeah you did, I heard it!
– I didn’t. (buzzer rings) – This is the Bohemian Rhapsody
of our generation. – Eh, maybe.
– Don’t touch. – ♪ One day, I’ll leave you ♪ – (FBE) Jordan, are you
head bopping there? – Uh, there was a sway,
I wouldn’t count it as a head bop. (buzzer rings) – It think it’s ’cause like,
I never had a connection to My Chemical Romance.
Like a deep connection. I know, I know, sorry. – Yeah, I don’t know
if we can be friends any more. – (screeches)
♪ When I was a young man ♪ ♪ My dad took me into the city ♪
Burn the footage. – (laughs) Yeah, don’t use any of it.
It’s fine. – ♪ I walk this empty street ♪
– This is a classic. – Mmm.
– I can play this song on guitar, fun fact.
– ♪ When the city sleeps ♪ ♪ And I’m the only one ♪
– I know you like Green Day. – Yeah. – Dah nah, dah nah, it’s okay,
I already lost this challenge. I’m gonna enjoy myself.
– Yes, let it out. – Dah nah, dah nah!
(buzzer rings) – So good.
– Gotta rest up for this chorus. – Oh yeah. – (sings along) ♪ I walk a ♪
♪ My shadow’s the only one ♪ ♪ That walks beside me ♪
(buzzer rings) – (sings along) ♪ My shadow’s ♪
(mumbles) – It’s harder beacuse you,
when you don’t know the song! – All I know is like the moshing.
– Oh [bleep] I danced, no! – Yeah!
(buzzer rings) – If you watch her breathing,
she’s shaking. – ♪ ‘Til then, I walk alone ♪
(buzzer rings) – I, do you like this Green Day song?
– I love that Green Day song. That was really hard.
I grew up singing, I grew up playing instruments. I grew up playing
a lot of these songs, so this challenge
is really hard for me. – We knew it was coming.
We knew it it’s an ultimate classic. So good.
– That song is incredible. – I was doing so good,
and then he started nodding, and I was like “that seems
like something I should do.” – (FBE) You won, how do you feel? – It’s the first challenge
I’ve ever won. I’m proud of myself. – I am really surprised
you didn’t sing at the Blink-182 song.
– Yeah, I am too. But like that last one,
it was probably the hardest one. – (FBE) Since neither of you sang,
we’ve got a little tie breaker. – Ooh!
This is getting exciting. Can we get a buzzer?
– Ooh man! – (FBE) Hands below the table. – If I lose now
I’m gonna be so pissed. – (FBE) Final chance.
– Okay. – (FBE) For somebody to win.
– Okay. – (FBE) Are you ready? – Yep.
– Yes. – ♪ Way ♪
– ♪ Don’t knock yourself out yeah ♪ (hums song)
Oh [bleep]. – (FBE) What’s it called?
– We can sing now, right? – (FBE) Yeah.
– ♪ It just takes some time ♪ (beatboxes song) – She’s singing a lot of the song,
which is nice. Oh [bleep].
– Dude, who is that? – Do you know what it is?
– I don’t think I do. – Welp, this has been fun. – (FBE) That was The Middle
by Jimmy Eat World. – Oh, I love The Middle
by Jimmy Eat World! – You didn’t even say that!
– It was The Middle! She did technically tie with me.
So it shows that I’ve got great judgement
at hiring Sierra, I’m a great competitor myself,
because I tied. So really, the only winner here today
is me. – Unbelievable,
and I didn’t lose my job. So I won.
– (FBE) After all of that, you still tied.
– ♪ In the end ♪ ♪ It doesn’t even matter ♪ – Thanks for watching us
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