TUTO ABLETON [FR/ENG sub] Remake A Full House/Disco Track | Part 2: KICK/LOOP

ok, very well, we are going to start to redo this session fisrt things to do is to download the sample packs and importe it in Ableton so, when you got it it’s pretty simple, you click on add folder right here and you look for the file where you downloaded it and… you will have it with all the audio sample directly in Ableton, and also the Midi clip so so, here, just imagine it’s the beginnig of the session the remake, so I am going to write ‘remake’ slash ‘Intro’ so, for you, you just have to write ‘Intro’, like I did here in the beginning and we are going to… …create a new track that I already create, so create a new audio track that you name ‘kick’ and go find the sample with the name ‘Kick” drag it at the very beginning, like that but it will not stay here, we will move it later in the track but we can put it there for now and… …we are going to create… …the pattern that is very simple, it’s only quater note so duplicate… …this kick… …in quarter note… so, to make sure your grid is in 1/4 note …click… a right click onwith the mouse and you select …in the grid menu… …uhh… 1/4 note so in English it means quarter note that ‘la noire’ (in French) so, now… I have quarter note here ok, since the track doesn’t start with the kick this session start with a drum loop that I found in… …in a sample pack…that we can use… …and I thought that it would work well… …with this type of track so this loop is included in the audio sample pack so, you are going to recreate a new audio track and we will call it drum loop …like that… …and we will… uhh…look for the file ‘Loop Drum Violin’ so I added violin because in the audio sample there is a violin sound that you can hear… …on a long note… …and it actually work very well on all the song I will put this… uhh… …this loop under the kick track, right here and normally, we should hear something like this there… umm.. …so… so, how did I do that?… …ok, I did duplicate it 2 times so let’s duplicate it 2 times control+d to duplicate and normally at the end we can add a… uhh… a marker (locator) uhh…how do we call that in french already ?… uhh ok a locator, I don’t know…. and we are naming it ‘main’ ok and it’s here, starting at the locator ‘main ‘ that we are putting all the kicks so, I do control+x to cut all this section… …and I paste it right here umm.we else did I do I see that just berfore the end of the Intro, just before ‘Main’ I cut 2 beats out of the loop so let’s cut… …this right here like that so 2 beats, like this… uh no, this is 4 beats, you can see 1,2,3,4 so, only 2, it’s what I did cool so! now, I will add an EQ on the kick track so, what EQ did I puy on the Kick? I put a small EQ, with a high pass filter I cut the lowest frequencies, that are not necessary so, everything under 37 hertz, I cut it so, let’s find in ableton in the Audio Effect, EQ 8 and let’s put it in the kick track there after, let’s activate the high-pass filter …uhh which one did I use?…uh…I used high-pass filter times 4 times 4 and let’s move it to 37 -39 Hertz, there so it should be fine… so, 2nd thing to do with the kick, it’s I think with the volume this is actually something that one should do when you start a new session it’s to put down all the faders… …of all the tracks so there is a rule that a lot of sound engineers use it’s to put everything directly at -6db so you can type -6db on the track uh…and you can … still reduce all the faders and after it’s gonna be with the master …and by the way, I should by-pass everything I put in it the limiter and EQ so, in the master, it’s where we are going to readjust the overall level of the session with a limiter and an EQ eventually so I should have by-pass this at the beginning so now I do it so, back to the kick right here, I put it at -6db but in the original session, I think I even put it less than that …I put it at -10db so, let’s do the same, let’s put it at -10,8db to be right on …uh…I am doing it wrong… -10.8… there so… an EQ …a high-pass filter uh… on the button #1 you should have a high-pass filter… …to cut sounds that are in the infra-bass ultra low frequencies, that are useless and uh… and you should have the volume fader at -10.8 db ok, and on the loop what did I put? I also put an EQ with a high-pass filter so I cut even more uh… …low frequencies because…uhh… I am not really interested by the kick of the loop the thing that I was more interested in was the high frenquencies of this loop and the mid-frequencies so, I am going to add an EQ 8 let’s activated the high pass filter, so here it’s high time 4 as well this is located at 132 hertz high pass filter time 4 and at 132 we can type it directly there and I think the I lowered the Q too yeah , I put the Q at 0.39 so, you can click on the Q right here and type 0.39 it should sounds like this uhh… what else do we have…so here… …so in the 2nd part, on bar 9 I will add a group of ‘Clap’ sound but I think I will do that…so uhh… …the clapping like that… in the next video

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