Vienna Smart Orchestra: Composer Gerald Peter

Vienna Smart Orchestra: Composer Gerald Peter

“I use Vienna Smart Orchestra all the time,
for composing and sketching out my ideas. And of course, it’s a great tool to “wow”
my audience in live performances.” Start with basic chords to define the outlines
of your idea. Add a solo voice which you can choose out
of 16 solo instruments, including Timpani, Mallets, Harp and Celesta –
PLUS our great Percussion section. All sounds are easy to navigate in the Vienna
Synchron Player. Add your melody with one of the available
solo instruments. Authentic legato at your finger-tips. Velocity Crossfade enables you to shape the
dynamics. Go big with the bass drum and add some cinematic
flavor with the timpani. Use various articulations to express your
ideas. The new Expansion Pack will give you more
solo legato instruments PLUS timpani and harp! In the studio, live on stage or on the road
– playing a 140 piece orchestra on the keyboard has never been easier!

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