Viral Kid Dancer and Her Teacher Show Off Their Moves

Viral Kid Dancer and Her Teacher Show Off Their Moves

Over the past two
weeks, this video of a nine-year-old
dancer and her teacher had been viewed over
16 million times. Take a look at this. [MUSIC] I had to have them here all
the way from Brussels, Belgium. Please welcome Anae and Jeny. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 1. [MUSIC] Hi. Hi. Hi, Jeny. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. Wow. Hi. OK, all the way from Belgium. Yeah, yeah. Thank you so much
for being here. Thank you so much. Anae– is that the
correct way to say it? [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] Yes. Anae, and Jeny. Yes. OK, and this is your first
time to America, both of you. Yeah. And what do you
think of America? [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] I’m so happy to be here. Thank you so much, Ellen. Oh! OK. How long have you
been dancing, Anae? [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] So it’s been– she
started at three-year-old. Now at seven years
old, she’s dancing. It’s been seven
years she’s dancing. Wow. Yeah. And amazing– just a
natural right, yeah? But she’s– I mean, she’s
really got a gift, right? She is special, yeah. Yeah. I mean, the view is– the video has been seen over
16 million times in two weeks. Why do you think the
response is so strong? I think actually that
together, we have– we share a very positive
image of love of– because actually, I
know it’s not good time. But what do we do
together is really giving hope and giving really
a positive image of love, of love. And I think actually,
found the two of you is Meghan Markle
sent me this video. She texted me. She said, what do
you think of this? How great is this girl? [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] I know. All right, so I can’t wait. I want everybody to see
how amazing this is. Will you dance for us? Of course! Let’s go! Yes. [MUSIC] So good! Oh my God! So good! So good! Thank you. Oh my God. Thank you. Thank you for having us. Well, you’re welcome. Thank you for being here. Thank you. All right, so here’s the deal. If you’re going to have over
16 million people watching you dance, I want you
to be wearing some Ellen swag because I want
people to see that. Wow. So I got you something here. Thank you. All right. Also, what you said about
love having no color, you are absolutely correct. We need that message
right now today. And Shutterfly loves
stories like this and loves what you’re doing. So each of you are
getting $10,000. So amazing! Thank you so much. Thank you.

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