Visual Composer Website Builder Show On Sticky Tutorial

Visual Composer Website Builder Show On Sticky Tutorial

Hi, everyone! It’s Irma here. And in addition to being able to make element sticky in Visual Composer, you can also make the element to be displayed only when the element becomes sticky. For example, you have a menu with a call to action button, but once you scroll it is not visible any more. Yet, you want to have an option for your visitors to instantly contact you and this is where this feature comes in handy. I have a sticky button here already, so the visitor will see the button at all times, but I want it to be visible only when I’ve scrolled to this part of the page. To to that, let’s open the row edit window, and locate the sticky options. Here at the very bottom you can see the toggle – show on sticky. Let’s enable it. As you can see, the button seemingly disappeared, but when I scroll down, it appears right where I wanted it to. You can adjust all the other stickiness parameters to make it even more customized for your needs. And that’s it. Thank you all for watching and enjoy!

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  1. I'll buy the $ 59 one. When I buy, how long can I get updates?

  2. Does Visual Composer Website Builder have Turkish language support?

  3. I don't have these settings in visual composer and I paid for it year ago

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