Vocal Coach Reacts to Kylie Minogue ‘Your disco needs you’ Royal Albert Hall

Hi guys, welcome back to my channel, my name is Georgina. I’m the honest vocal coach I Teach singing all day every day when I’m not making videos like this one if you want me to react to your singing Oh indeed Work with you learnings descale about Amp patreon are down below So today we are looking at Kylie. It’s probably been the most requested person along with Florence and the Machine 2 for me to react to so we’re going to have a look at Kylie. I was obsessed with Kylie in the early years the hold PWL thing and Kylie and jason and Sonia and rick astley and all of that And I loved her music it’s anyway as she has changed over the years I Think she’s managed to stay successful the whole time So I’m gonna have a look at your disco needs you and this is from the Royal Albert Hall And as far as I’m aware, and she is singing live, let’s dive in The spread we see willing Precision Scrabble Okay, sounds awesome so far she’s got a really distinctive tone, it’s quite nasal And there’s nobody else with this voice apart from Dannii Minogue. Obviously, it’s quite a unique tone She’s very tiny So she’s gonna have small vocal folds meaning that the sound is relatively high-pitched that kind of what is why she’s got the high tone that she has it is a voice that not everybody appreciates And don’t you know some like it some don’t But let’s keep going So let The Oh This is pretty epic isn’t it royal alcohol all of that are costura? They’re all of the extra voices. It’s oh my god. How awesome would that be to be Kylie? It’s just cool We sold You put salt Vocals are very good. Actually the way she’s used in her range. They’re all very strong. There’s not a lot of light and shade here So that This is giving me tingle moments, this is really entertaining our goodness, it’s brilliant. It’s really good I don’t rate Kylie’s like an incredible singer, but as a sort of performer Just this is great Some really unusual Choreography Charlie says don’t you think I’ve been watching the dancers as well thinking what are they doing? Such a mixture of styles My rebellion engine that was vocally really good There was an effect on the very last note though You know when she went up suddenly the harmonizer came on and there was more of her That was a really good performance from Kylie. I proper enjoyed that. It’s a good song ties I thought the staging and everything was brilliant is so entertaining just imagine the energy of actually being there at your guard must have been so just Huh? So what do you think of Kylie? Anyway, do let me know in the comments below. Thank you so much for watching me I’ll be back with so many more videos or see you guys later Give me a thumbs up and subscribe bye laughs

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