W.A Mozart :The Magic Flute with English subtitle (complete)

W.A Mozart :The Magic Flute with English subtitle (complete)

The Magic Flute Help! Help!
Otherwise I am lost! Help! Help!
Otherwise I am lost! Selected as offering to the cunning snake,
Merciful Gods! Already it gets closer,
Already it gets closer, Ah, save me, Ah! Save,
save, protect me! (1ST, 2ND, 3RD LADIES)
Die, monster! Through our power Triumph! Triumph! It is accomplished, the heroic deed He is freed,
he is freed, By the galantry of our weapon. (1st LADY)
A gracious youth, gentle and handsome, (2nd LADY)
More handsome than I have ever seen! (3rd LADY)
Yes, yes, certainly, handsome enough to paint! (1st and 2nd , 3rd LADIES)
Were I to consecrate my heart to love, Then it would have to be to this youth, Let us hasten to our queen,
With her this news to share, Perhaps, so that this handsome man The former peace can give to her.
The former peace can give to her. (1st LADY)
So, go and tell it to her,
I’ll stay, meanwhile, here! (2nd LADY)
No, no, you just go there,
I’ll keep watch here over him! (3rd LADY)
No, no, that can not be,
I’ll protect him alone! (1st LADY)
I’m staying, meanwhile, hier, (2nd LADY)
I’ll keep watch hier over him! (3rd LADY)
I’ll protect him alone, (1st LADY)
I’ll guard him (2nd LADY)
I’m Staying (3rd LADY)
I’ll watch him (1st and 2nd , 3rd LADIES)
I, I, I! I should go? I should go?
O, O, O, O ! O, how fine! how fine!
O, O, how fine !! They would like be be with him alone! With him alone, no, no, no, no, etc.
No, no, that can not be! They would like to be with him alone, With him alone, no, no, no, etc. No, no, that can not be! They would like to be with him alone, No, no, that can not be! What wouldn’t I give for this, If I could with this young man live! Had I only him then entirely alone, So entirely alone, But no one’s going; it cannot be!
It’s best then, that I go, I go! You youth, handsome, and affectionate
You beloved youth, farewell! Until I you again see,
Until I you again see, ect. (TAMINO)
If that wasn’t the scariest dream I ever had! A serpent
chasing me, closing in on me Hold on! That was no dream!
here it is! Seems to be dead. But someone’s coming.
I’d better lie low and listen. The birdcatcher am I indeed, Always merry, heisa, Hop-sa-sa! I, birdcatcher, am well known To old and young throughout the land. Know my way around with the traps, And how to be understood on the fife! Thus can I happy and merry be, For all the birdies belong to me!! The birdcatcher am I indeed, Always merry, heisa, hop-sa-sa! I, birdcatcher, am well known To old and young throughout the land. A net for girls is what I would like, I’d catch them by the dozen for me! Then lock them up I would by me, And all girls would be belong to me. If all girls belonged to me I would bravely trade in sugar, The one I liked the best, Her I would immediately give the sugar, And if she kissed me tenderly then, She would be my wife and I her husband. She would fall asleep by my side, I would cradle her to sleep like a child. Hey there! What! Tell me, my friend, who you are? Who I am? Stupid question!
A man like you.
If I asked you who you are? Back where I come from, I was a Prince, of noble blood. That’s all above my head. My father is a sovereign who rules over many lands and peoples.
That’s why I am called “Prince” other lands?Prince?
Are there other countries and people besides these mountains? Many thousands! . . . I might try the market for my birds there. Now you tell me what the place is actually called. Who rules here? I cannot answer you that, any more than I know how I came into the world. How? You would not know where you
were born or what is your age ? Not a word!All I know is that not far from here stands
my straw hut, which protects me from rain and cold. But how do you live? Of eating and drinking, like all people. How do you get that? By barter. I catch various birds for the star-blazing Queen and her ladies;
every day in return I receive food and drink from her. The star-blazing Queen!
Tell me, good friend, have you ever been
so fortunate as to see her? See her? See the star-blazing Queen?
What mortal can claim to have ever seen her?
But – why are you looking at me so suspiciously? Now it is clear; it is precisely this nocturnal queen, from which
my father told me so often. Stand back, for I have the strength of giants
But – why are you looking at me so suspiciously? Because – because I doubt.
whether you are human. What did you say? According to your feathers,
I’ll hold you Surely not a bird? – Stand back,
for I have the strength of giants! Then it was you who knocked off the serpent? A serpent? Where? Are you sure it’s dead? I’m very grateful. You saved my life. Doan even mention it. Glad to be helpful. How did you do it? With no weapon but a net? Shucks! I doan need no weapons. Just the naked hand. You strangled it? Like a field mouse. (The three Ladies)
Papagino!!! Ah, that’s about me. – Look around, friend! Who are these ladies? I do not know who they actually are.
I only know so much, that they may take away my birds from me daily, and will give me wine,
sweet figs. They are probably very beautiful? I do not think! (The three Ladies)
Papagino!!! You ask if you are beautiful, and I
can tell you nothing to respond as that
I have nothing in my life. (The three Ladies)
Papagino!!! What have I done today to make them so angry at me? (FIRST LADY) In return our sovereign is today sending you pure,
clear water instead of wine. (SECOND LADY) And she has commanded me to bring you
this stone instead of cake. What? You want me to feed on stones? (THIRD LADY)
And instead of sweet figs I am hanging
this golden lock in front of your mouth. (FIRST LADY)
I expect you would like to know why our sovereign
lady is punishing you so strangely today? (SECOND LADY)
So that in future you will not tell
lies to strangers any more! (THIRD LADY)
And never again boast of heroic
deeds performed by others. (FIRST LADY)
Speak! Did you fight this serpent? (PAPAGENO)
Hm!Hm! It was we, young man, who saved you. our great sovereign sends you this; it is a portrait of her daughter Pamina. “If you find you are not indifferent to these features”,
she says, “then happiness, honour and fame are your lot!” This portrait is enchantingly beautiful, such as no eye has ever yet seen. I feel the way this divine image fills my heart with new emotion. fills my heart with new emotion. Though I cannot name what this is, yet I feel it burning here like fire. Might this sensation be love? Might this sensation be love? Yes, yes! It can only be love love — love. Oh, if only I could find her! Oh, if she but stood before me now! I should … should … warmly and virtuously … What should I do? …
Rapturously I should press her to this ardent breast, and then she would be mine for ever. and then she would be mine for ever. and then she would be mine for ever. Steel yourself with
courage and constancy The Queen of the Night,
our sovereign has heard every
word you have said If this young man”, she said is as bold and valiant as he is tender,
then my daughter Pamina is saved! Saved? A powerful, evil demon named
Sarastro has stolen her away Stolen? Where is Sarastro’s
domain? Very close to our mountains.
His castle is imposing and carefully guarded What is that? Our Queen comes! Our Queen comes! Oh, do not tremble, my dear son! You are guiltless, wise, and pious. A young man like you is best able to comfort the deeply distressed heart of a mother. Suffering is my lot, for my daughter is not with me. Through her I have lost all my happiness; Through her I have lost all my happiness; a villain made off with her. I still see her trembling with alarm and shock, quivering with anxiety, struggling timidly. I had to see her stolen from me, “Ah help!” was all she said; but her pleading was in vain, for my aid was too feeble for my aid was too feeble You will go to free her, you will be the rescuer of my daughter And if I see you as victor, then may she be yours for ever. Hm, hm, hm, hm, hm, hm, hm, hm! The poor man can talk about punishment,
for he has lost his speech. I can only pity you
because I have no power to help. I can only pity you As you complain about Because I am too weak to help Because I am too weak to help The Queen pardons you,
remits your punishment through me. Now Papageno can chatter again. Yes, chatter! Only do not tell any more lies! I’ll never tell another lie. No, no! Let this lock be a warning to you! This lock shall be a warning to me! (ALL) For if all liars received
a lock like this on their mouths,
instead of hatred, calumny, and black gall,
love and brotherhood would flourish. O Prince, take this gift from me!
Our sovereign sends it to you. The magic flute will protect you,
and sustain you in the greatest misfortune. By it you may act with all power,
change the passions of men: the sorrower will be joyful,
the old bachelor fall in love. Oh, such a flute is worth more
than gold and crowns, for through it human happiness
and contentment will be increased. Now, fair wenches,
if I may – I’ll take my leave. You can certainly take your leave,
but our sovereign intends you to accompany the Prince without delay
and hasten to Sarastro’s fortress. No, thank you very much! I have heard from you yourselves that he is like a tiger. Certainly, with no mercy,
Sarastro would have me plucked and roasted
and fed to the dogs. The Prince will protect you, only trust in him!
In return you shall be his servant. (The Prince can go to the devil!
My life is dear to me. In the end, I’ll swear,
he’ll steal away from me like a thief.) Here, take this treasure, it is for you. Well, now! What might be in there? In there you’ll hear little bells ringing. And can I play them as well? Oh, quite certainly! Yes, yes, certainly! Silver chimes, magic flutes
are needed for your/our protection.
Farewell, we are going. Farewell, until we see you again!
All are about to go. Yet, fair ladies, tell us .. How the castle may be found. How the castle may be found. Three boys, young, beautiful, gracious, and wise,
will accompany you on your journey. They will be your guides,
follow nothing but their advice Three boys, young, beautiful, gracious, and wise,
will accompany us on our journey. They will be your guides,
follow nothing but their advice So farewell, we are going;
farewell, farewell, until we see you again! Our tormentors, of all the
intensity of prevailing Mohr Tomorrow will
certainly hung or spat. Now? The lovely girl! Now? Is Born. Born? And she escaped? Infallible! —
At least is it my true desire. I don’t always tell you there will be a day for us where we are smelt, and the black
monostatos will be punished. He knows yet?. Of course! She slept before his eyes Like some of my brother
told the Moor can no longer be saved even if Pamina would be brought back
by Sarastro’s entourage. How so? You know the sumptuous
money and its manner the girl
was wiser than I thought. At the moment he thought he was going to win,
she called Sarastro’s name that shook the Moors;
they remained silent and unmoving. Pamina ran to the canal. und schiffte von selbst in einer
and hurried on a gondola
to the palm grove. To see something like that,
hell torture. You sweet little dove,
just come on in Oh, what torture! What agony! Your life is forfeit! Death does not frighten me;
I am sorry only for my mother, she will quite certainly
die of grief. Here, slaves! Chain her up!
My hatred shall destroy you. Oh, rather let me die,
barbarian, since nothing will move you! Now go! Leave me alone with her! Where am I then? Where can this be? Aha, I’ve found some people here.
Courage; I’ll go in. Lovely girl, young and sweet,
much paler even than chalk! Aah! That must be the devil! Have pity! Spare me! Have pity! Spare me! mother! mother! How? This heart still beats?
Still not destroyed? Awakened to new torments?
O it is hard, very hard!
Me bitter as death. Am I not a fool to have
been so frightened? There are certainly black birds
in the world,so why not black men as well? Ah look! This must be Pamina!
You Queen of the Night’s daughter! Who are you? A messenger from the star-blazing Queen. My mother? Your name? Papageno. Papageno? – Why did you come? If you’re the daughter of
the night Queen – Yes! O I’m! I want to verify if thet right Black-eyes – right, black. Brown hair – brown hair The lips red – right, red Everything arrives on hands and feet After the match, you shall have
neither hands nor feet Why did you come? I saw a person in front of me who call
himself Prince . This Prince so impressed your mother that she presented
him with your portrait and commanded him to rescue you From that moment he has loved you. Love? He loves me? So we have no minute to miss. Around this time, Sarastro usually
comes back from the hunt. So Sarastro is not at home ? Come on, beautiful lady picture! But if this is a pitfall If this were an evil spirit
by Sarastro Entourage? I an evil spirit? I am the best
Spirit of the world. Friend, forgive me! forgive me!
if I offended you. You have a heart Oh, indeed, I have an
affectionate heart But what good is that to me? I often want to pull out all
my feathers when I think about it. that Papageno does not yet have Papagena. Poor man! so you have no wife yet? no wife? Not so much as a girl friend, let alone a wife! Patience friend! Heaven will
care for you too and will send you a girl friend
before you know it! If only the Heaven sent her soon. In men who feel love,
a good heart, too, is never lacking. Sharing these sweet urges
is then women’s first duty. We want to enjoy love;
it is through love alone that we live. Love sweetens every sorrow;
every creature pays homage to it. It gives relish to the days of our life,
it acts in the cycle of nature. Its high purpose clearly proclaims:
there is nothing nobler than woman and man. Man and woman, and woman and man,
reach towards the deity. Man and woman, and woman and man reach towards the deity. This path leads to your goal,
yet you, youth, must conquer like a man. Therefore listen to our advice:
be constant, patient, and discreet! You gracious lads, tell me
if I can rescue Pamina? This is not for us to tell;
be constant, patient, and discreet! Remember this, in short, be a man.
Then, youth, you will conquer like a man. Let these boys’ words of wisdom be forever engraved on my heart. Where am I now? What will happen to me? Is this the seat of the gods here? The gates show, the pillars show that prudence and labour and
arts live here. Where activity is enthroned
and idleness in retreat, vice cannot easily hold sway. I shall boldly dare to enter
the gate. My purpose is noble and true and pure Tremble, cowardly villain! To me, rescuing Pamina is a duty. Go back! Back? Then I’ll try my luck here! Go back! They’re calling “Go back” here as well! Here I can see another door, here perhaps I shall gain an entrance. Bold stranger, where do you wish to go?
What do you seek here in the sanctuary? That which belongs to love and virtue. These are words of high import!
But how will you find these things? You are not led by love and virtue,
for you are inflamed by death and revenge. Revenge only on the villain! You will surely not find him with us. Does Sarastro rule in these parts? Yes, yes, Sarastro rules here! Surely not in the Temple of Wisdom? He rules here in the Temple of Wisdom. Then it is all a sham! Are you going again so soon? Yes, I want to go, glad and free,
and never see your temple! Explain yourself to me more closely;
you are taken in by a deception. Sarastro lives here,
that’s quite enough for me. If you love your life,
speak, stay there!
Do you hate Sarastro? I hate him forever, yes! Then give me your reasons. He is an inhuman tyrant! Is there proof for what you say? It is shown by an unhappy woman,
oppressed by grief and woe! So a woman has beguiled you?
A woman does little, chatters a great deal. You, young man, believe the wagging tongues?
Oh, if only Sarastro laid before you the reason for his action! The reason is only too clear!
Did not the robber ruthlessly tear Pamina from her mother’s arms? Yes, young man! What you say is true Where is she whom he stole from us?
Perhaps she has already been sacrificed? This information, dear son,
I am not yet permitted to give you now. Explain this riddle, do not deceive me. My tongue is bound by oath and duty. So when will this obscurity clear? As soon as the hand of friendship guides you
into the sanctuary to the everlasting bonds. O endless night! When will you pass? When will the light strike my eyes? Soon, soon, young man, or not at all! Soon, you say, or not at all? You unseen ones, tell me:
is Pamina then still alive? Pamina is still alive! She is alive! For that I thank you. Oh, if only I were able, in homage to you, almighty ones, to show my thanks in every note
as here. Here I feel it! How powerful your magic sound is, sweet flute, since your playing brings joy even to wild animals. How powerful your magic sound is, sweet flute, since your playing sweet flute, since your playing brings joy even to wild animals. Yet only Pamina stays away! Pamina! Listen, listen to me!
In vain! Where? Oh, where shall I find you? Aha, that is Papageno’s sound! Perhaps he’s seen Pamina already. Perhaps she is hastening to me with him! Perhaps the sound will lead me to her.

01:01:36,000 –>01:01:38,000
Swift steps, ready courage, guard against the enemy’s cunning and fury. If only we could find Tamino! Otherwise they will catch us yet If only we could find Tamino! Otherwise they will catch us yet Dear young man! Quiet, quiet, I can do better! What greater joy could there be? Our friend Tamino can hear us already. The sound of the flute has reached here. What happiness if I find him! Just hurry! Just hurry! Just hurry! Just hurry!
Aha! I’ve caught you yet! Here with the steel and irons;
wait, I’ll teach you manners. Here with the ropes and cords!
Hey there, you slaves, come here! Ah, now it’s all over for us! Hey there, you slaves, come here! Nothing ventured, nothing gained!
Come, you pretty chimes, make the little bells ring, ring,
till their ears are singing. That sounds so splendid,
that sounds so pretty! I’ve never heard or seen the like! I’ve never heard or seen the like! If every honest man
could find little bells like that, his enemies would then
vanish without trouble, and without them he would live
in perfect harmony! Only the harmony of friendship
relieves hardships; without this sympathy
there is no happiness on earth! In his wisdom may he always enjoy life. He is our idol, to whom all are devoted My lord, it is true that I have transgressed,
I wanted to escape from your power. But the fault is not mine:
the wicked Moor desired my love; that is why, o lord, I ran away from you! Stand up, beloved, be of good cheer!
For even without pressing you, I know more of your heart;
you love another very dearly. I do not want to compel you to love,
yet I shall not give you your freedom. I do not want to compel you to love,
yet I shall not give you your freedom. But filial duty calls me,
for my mother … is in my power.
You would lose your happiness if I left you in her hands. My mother’s name sounds sweet to me.
She is … a proud woman!
A man must guide your hearts,

01:09:26,000 –>01:09:40,000
for without him all women tend
to step outside their own sphere of activity.

01:09:45,000 –>01:09:50,000
Now, proud youth, just come here,
here is Sarastro, our lord. It is he! It is she! I can’t believe it!
It is she! It is he! It’s not a dream! I’ll put my arms around him!
I’ll put my arms around her!
Even if it were the end of me! What is the meaning of this? What boldness!
Break it up at once! This is going too far! Your slave lies at your feet;
punish the brazen criminal! Consider how impudent the boy is!
Through the cunning of this strange bird

01:10:32,500 –>01:10:38,000
he wanted to abduct Pamina from you.
But I knew how to track him down! You know me! My vigilance … … deserves to be strewn with laurels.
Here! Give this worthy man at once … Your favour alone makes me rich! no more than seventy-seven strokes on his soles. Ah my lord, that was not the reward I expected! Do not thank me! I am only doing my duty! Long live Sarastro in his divine wisdom!
He rewards and punishes at one turn. Bring these two strangers
into our temple of trial; then cover their heads,
they must first be purified. If these two strangers enter
into our test stamp, f. When virtue and justice
strew with fame the path of the great, then earth is a realm of heaven,
and mortals are like the gods. and mortals are like the gods. and mortals are like the gods. You, servants consecrated in the temple
of wisdom of the great gods Osiris and Isis with a clear conscience I declare to you that
our gathering today is one of the most important of our time. Tamino, the son of a king
He wishes to tear off his veil of night
and look into the sanctuary of great light To offer him the hand of friendship
should be our duty today! Does he possess virtue? Virtue! Discretion too? Discretion! Is he charitable? Charitable! If you think him worthy,
follow my example… Stirred by the unity of your hearts,
Sarastro thanks you in the name of humanity. Pamina, the gentle, virtuous girl
has been destined by the gods to the fair young man it was for this reason that
I seized her from her mother. Woman seems to be great; by means of gloom and abundance,
to confine the people, and to destroy our firm building of temples But she should not; Tamino shall secure her with us, and as an initiate
sthe virtue of wages, but the vice of punishment. Great Sarastro, your wisdomful
speeches recognize and admire us. will Tamino also withstand the harsh trials? I am afraid of the youth. When, in pain,
his spirit had sunk, his spirit left him Remember: he is a prince. Even more! – – He is human! If, however, in his early 10th century,
Youth lifeless? Then he is given to Osiris and Isis,
and becomes pleasures to the gods
earlier than we do. Let Tamino enter with his companion
in the courtyard of the temple. And you, friend! particular the gods through
us to the defender of truth And teach them to recognize the power of the gods! O Isis and Osiris, bestow
the spirit of wisdom on this young couple! You who guide the wanderers’ steps,
strengthen them with patience in danger. strengthen them with patience in danger. Let them see the fruits of trial; yet if they should go to their deaths,
then reward the bold course of virtue: receive them into your abode. A terrible night! Papageno, are you still with me? Certainly! Where do you think we are? Where? Well, if it were not so dark, I’d gladly tell you, but as it is …
Help! What is it? I’m beginning to feel bad about this business! You sound afraid Not afraid exactly, just ice cold from
the shivers running down my spine. You strangers. What do you seek,
what impels you to penetrate our walls? Friendship and love. Are you ready to risk your
life fighting for them? Yes! Even if death were your lot? Yes! Prince, still time to go soft
a step further, and it is
too late

01:23:40,000 –>01:23:45,000
Wisdom is my victory; Pamina,
the maid maid my reward ! You will submit to every trial? Every one! Give your hand to me! Do you too wish to fight for
the love of wisdom, Papageno? Fighting isn’t my thing. I don’t basically want any wisdom either.
I’m a kind of child of nature, taking pleasure in sleep, food and drink;
and if it were even possible some time for me to capture a pretty little wife … You will never obtain her unless
you submit to our trials. What are these trials? Comply with all our laws,
even in face of death. I’ll stay single! But what if Sarastro had set aside for you
a girl who was just like you in colouring and dress?

01:24:42,500 –>01:24:46,000
It’s all the same to me! Like me? Is she young? Young and beautiful! And her name? Papagena. Papagena? – I’d like to see her, just out of curiosity. You may see her! But when I’ve seen her, I must die?
yes ? I’ll stay single! There is a way to see her without having to die,
Papageno: if you are sufficiently steadfast
not to speak a word with her. Ohhh Yes !! Your hand! You shall see them. The gods impose a salutary silence on you,
too, Prince: without it you are both lost! You will see Pamina
but never be allowed to speak to her! This is the beginning of your trials. Beware of womanly wiles:
this is the brotherhood’s first duty! Many a wise man has been beguiled,
has erred and not realized it. He has found himself abandoned in the end,
his faithfulness repaid with scorn! In vain he has wrung his hands,
death and despair were his reward. death and despair were his reward. Hey, lights there! Lights there! whenever these gentlemen leave you,
you stop seeing anything, even with your eyes wide open! Yield it with patience, and think
it is the will of the gods. What? What? What?
You in this place of horror? Never, never, never
will you make your escape! Tamino, your death is sworn!
You, Papageno, are lost! No, no, no! That would be too much! Papageno, keep quiet!
Do you want to break your oath
not to speak to women here? But you can hear, we’ve both had it. Quiet, I say! Keep quiet! Always quiet, always quiet! The Queen is quite near you!
She has secretly broken into the temple. What? How’s this? Could she be in the temple? Quiet, I say! Keep quiet!
Will you keep on so impudently
forgetting your sworn duty? Tamino, listen! You are lost!
Remember the Queen! There is much whispering
about these priests’ falsehood! A wise man cheeks and disregards
the words of the common herd. They say that anyone vowing allegiance to their brotherhood
goes head over heels into hell. That would be unthinkable, by the devil!
Tell me, Tamino, is that true? Gossip, repeated by women
but invented by dissemblers. Yet the Queen says it too. She is a woman, with the mind of a woman.
Be quiet, be satisfied with my word,
think of your duty and behave sensibly. Why are you being so coy with us? Papageno too is silent – speak then! covertly to the ladies
I should gladly … would … Quiet! You see that I must not … Quiet! My continual chattering . Your continual chattering
is indeed disgraceful of me! To our shame we must leave them; To their shame they must leave us;
certainly neither will talk. A man is strong-minded;
he thinks what he should say. he thinks what he should say. A man is strong-minded;
he thinks what he should say.

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  1. 00:13:48 Der Vogelfänger Bin Ich Ja
    01:37:39 Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen
    02:10:10 Ein Mädchen oder Weibchen wünscht Papageno sich
    02:38:30 Papagena, Papageno!

  2. What a magical delight

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    What have you done?

  4. Not my favourite Mozart's opera, but the most well-known in all the world. My favourite parts are the Papageno's arias.

  5. Hi @Pluterro ! I wanted to know if you would grant me the access to contribute with more subtitles in this video. I'm interested in sharing this amazing opera to some friends and family but they don't speak english, only spanish.

  6. Sarastro:
    Steh auf, erheitre dich, o Liebe!
    Denn ohne erst in dich zu dringen,
    Weiss ich von deinem Herzen mehr:
    Du liebest einen andern sehr.

    Zur Liebe will ich dich nicht zwingen,
    Doch geb' ich dir die Freiheit nicht.

    Mich rufet ja die Kindespflicht,
    Denn meine Mutter –

    Steht in meiner Macht.
    Du wuerdest um dein Glueck gebracht,
    Wenn ich dich ihren Haenden liesse.

    Mir klingt der Muttername suesse;
    Sie ist es –

    Und ein stolzes Weib!
    Ein Mann muss eure Herzen leiten,
    Denn ohne ihn pflegt jedes Weib
    Aus ihrem Wirkungskreis zu schreiten.

    (Monostatos fuehrt Tamino herein.)

    Nun stolzer Juengling, nur hierher!
    Hier ist Sarastro, unser Herr.

    Pamina (sieht Tamino):
    Er ist's!

    Tamino (sieht Pamina):
    Sie ist's!

    Ich glaub' es kaum!

    Sie ist's!

    Er ist's!

    Es ist kein Traum!

    Es schling' mein Arm sich um ihn her!

    Es schling' mein Arm sich um sie her!

    Und wenn es auch mein Ende waer!

    (Sie umarmen sich.)

    Was soll das heissen?

    Welch eine Dreistigkeit!
    Gleich auseinander! Das geht zu weit!
    (Er trennt sie; kniet dann vor Sarastro nieder.)
    Dein Sklave liegt zu deinen Fuessen,
    Lass den verwegnen Frevler buessen!
    Bedenk, wie frech der Knabe ist:
    Durch dieses seltnen Vogels List
    Wollt er Pamina dir entfuehren.
    Allein ich wusst' ihn auszuspueren.
    Du kennst mich! Meine Wachsamkeit-

    Verdient, dass man ihr Lorbeer streut!
    He, gebt dem Ehrenmann sogleich –

    Schon deine Gnade macht mich reich.

    Nur siebenundsiebenzig Sohlenstreich!

    Ach Herr, den Lohn verhofft' ich nicht!

    Nicht Dank, es ist ja meine Pfticht!

    (Monostatos wird abgefuehrt)

    Es lebe Sarastro, der goettliche Weise!
    Er lohnet und strafet in aehnlichem Kreise.

    Fuehrt diese beiden Fremdlinge
    In unsern Pruefungstempel ein;
    Bedecket ihre Haeupter dann,
    Sie muessen erst gereinigt sein.

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    So French Revolution-like.

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    Again the Enlightenment ideals, the quest for the truth instead of supertition.

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    1:01:36 schnelle
    1:04:00 könnte
    1:06:36 herr
    1:54:08 aria
    2:05:08 no.19
    2:17:25 knabe pamina no.21
    2:25:05 tamino pamina p.200
    2:26:49 tamino pamina p.203

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    and DR. Martin King.

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    That girl was made to play Pamina, just like Damrau is for Queen of the Night.

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    Mozart: Hold. My. Bavarian ale.

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  68. No. 15 – Aria

    Within these sacred portals
    revenge is unknown,
    and if a man has fallen,
    love guides him to his duty.
    Then, with a friend's hand, he walks,
    glad and joyful, into a better land.

    Within these sacred walls,
    where man loves fellow man,
    no traitor can lurk,
    because enemies are forgiven.
    He who is not gladdened by such teachings
    does not deserve to be a man.

    Exeunt Sarastro and Pamina.

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