Watch the 2018 CCMA Awards & Red Carpet Show

Watch the 2018 CCMA Awards & Red Carpet Show

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  1. shanias voice is done

  2. he is with drinking or on something probably nerve pills .

  3. she is still my fav… her

  4. Man I feel like a woman!!!!

  5. I wish they showed this here in the USA. But politics in both Canada + USA cause problems. TGF the Internet! 🙂

  6. WOW….. you can really see that this is canadian – and isn't backed by tons & tons of "j" money!!!
    embarrassing really,
    classy look the baseball caps on all the guys, AND the short shorts on bad legs!!!

  7. Shania looks very bloated

  8. Terri Clark is an amazing artist.

  9. I've seen some ridiculous tattoos in my life and the chick doing the interviewing are hilarious and laughable. You know they do have cover-up for bad choices in tats. Who did your hair and make-up??? And, what the hell are people wearing????

  10. Canadian country music sucks for real

  11. Yes, La vida es mas bella bailando!👌 🤩

  12. Poor Shania… she had to listen those young wannabies ruin her songs… 🙁 But why is she dressed in bath robes???

  13. Shame on on those trolls making derogatory remarks about Shania Twain your pathetic ❤️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  14. the three girls sucked

  15. Since the days of George Jones, Tammy Wynette, Don Gibson, Hank Williams, Hank Snow, Boxcar Willie, Don Williams, June Carter Cash, Johnny Cash, All the greats. Country music is trash now

  16. 1:15:50 i love Shania Twain.

  17. I see that Billy Ray Cyrus is hosting The CANADIAN Country Music Awards show on sept 2019 . WHY is AN AMERICAN hosting the CANADIAN awards show . Do we NOT have ANY Canadian stars to do this . I will NOY watch it . It is NOT RIGHT.

  18. So sad, I heard of 3% of these people.

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