Watch This Video Review on Music and Art to Hear Russell Simmons Live Message to Emerging artists.

welcome back, this is the “Emerging Artists” segment one of my favorite segments of the show. and tonight we are highlighting, Dion Fitzgerald from Toronto Canada. and one of the reasons we are highlighting Dion Fitzgerald is… not just because of his skills and talents. but because he is taking his art in his own hands. this brother is from Toronto Canada, but he is doing shows with his art all over North America, in the U.K., he’s in Spain, he’s in London. He’s everywhere. first up, we have a piece titled “Miles Davis” the great “Miles Davis”. it’s acrylic and paint marker on canvas the dimensions are 22×28 inches and another thing about Dion Fitzgerald that you guys should know, he is a musician. and thats what we do at Art on Dekz, we juxtapose Hip-hop music and Visual art so shout out to Dion Fitzgerald, you are Art on Dekz! aight who’s next? next up is Kevin Fernandez from Cleveland Ohio this artist is nice! this is how nice kevin i, When he does exhibits, he does this thing where his drawings and illustrations he takes a reference picture, right! and he puts it next to his actual painting and or drawing. and he has the guest, the people who come by the show try to guess and see which one is the drawing and which one is the photograph. that takes a lot of [email protected]!!s this is one of the reasons why we chose him after I heard that story, I was like we gotta put him on the show. so first up, the piece we chose to highlight is a portrait of the late great Bob Marley

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