We K-Pop Ep.3 GFRIEND [ENG, CHN, IND / 2019.07.26]

We K-Pop Ep.3 GFRIEND [ENG, CHN, IND / 2019.07.26]

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  1. I'm forget about it 😂. Sinb x SF9 evisu model.
    Actually SF9 and Gfriend are real moments 😁
    I hope next
    Sf9xgfriend 😁😁

  2. Gfriend is the best group in variety shows they’re just so natural and funny😂

  3. 2:26 which song?

  4. Whatta crack head😂😂

  5. 😍😍😍still beautiful and funny the dorky babies ❤❤

  6. omg eunha you are soo beautiful 16:04

  7. Vuelvo a ver el vídeo y Eunha bb se ve mas bebe al lado de sowon xD

  8. What does Umji mean that “we’re from Source Music. So we’re used to that extra sauce of SF9”?? 19:39

    Are they from the same company?

  9. Poor inseong 😂

  10. Haha burst of laughter 😂
    GFriend the best!!!!
    I will always love you for who you are….😘😍🇵🇭
    Proud buddy here!!! Excited for the next episode, can't wait!!!!

  11. Thumbnail 😍😍❤❤❤❣❣❣

  12. Can't wait for next episode 😁

  13. Gfriend hwaiting

  14. Okay Jeff we forgive you

  15. I really like shinyoung unnie hosting she can handle Gfriend crazyness and savageness like Snsd 😂😂😂

  16. Everytime jeff says america take a shot

  17. I laughed so hard in the middle of the night🤣🤣 yerin's freestyle convo🔥

  18. 22:39 did seungmin said kyeopta???

  19. Is only me who watch this for seeing Nickhun? 😂

  20. Piedad piedad sub español 🙇

  21. 2015till now,still loving all my girls

  22. nichkhun is so Handsome

  23. i love them no matter what concept they do <3 they are the number 1 girl group of this generations 😀 GFRIEND FIGHTHING !!!!!!

  24. Here to support seungmin xxx

  25. SF9 Inseong x Gfriend 😭

  26. Wahhh 39:52 Nickhun himself said Yerin could pass as an actress!!

  27. Why sinb don't dance

  28. I am just here to see if they put lie detector on inseong 🤣🤣

  29. I think they're BTOB in female version😂don't u agree with me?

  30. love Yuju hairstyle here <3 <3 <3

  31. Sin B 💕💕💕😘😘😘😍😍😍

  32. i don't care what happens in life, gfriend will always be my love.

  33. I really lucky to had photo with them 🥰

  34. 9:26 Akahsgsbsjakskskskss Seungmin you really are killing me T^T🙈🙈🙈🙈😭😍

  35. Gfriend always made me laughing like a mad man
    very enjoyed everytime their appearances on the show

  36. The fact that their song don't have any word in english but still, do great records. They're really good. Bighit made a great decision not to change their style. They really have different vibe. Kinda vibe that we don't have those days.

  37. Umji smile when they mentioned Changsub, I saw it yewon 19:02

  38. 24:17 yerin 😂😂😂

  39. GFRIEND is my favorite, and they are the best girl team for me.❤️ I love their real actions on the show. They always make me laugh out loud.😂 Hope you can be healthy and happy. I'm so proud that I am Buddy.😊

  40. shut up Jeff benjamin.

  41. Why was this video converted to monophonic and the high and low frequencies removed?

  42. Seungmin 😭😭💘

  43. At 2:26 is the most breathtaking moment of Sowon for me!!😍😍❤❤..So beautifullllll..with all the flowers and a red carpet😄😄

  44. At first, I was like "Did Sowon cut her hair?" Until she said that she removed her hair extensions. Any hairstyle fits her! 🙂

  45. I love them! Their new concept is great! The new GFriend mini-album "Fever Season" is AMAZING!
    I see Eunha in the thumbnail and like 149k other people, I click! ❤️

  46. Yes, I agree to all the above comments. Also America is an entire continent with a lot of countries. Everyone should say United States instead of America only. Even North America is shared by 3 countries (Canada, United States and Mexico). Greatings to everyone.

  47. See you in the PH, my queens huhu!!! SO MUCH LOVE

  48. I think i just found my bias and it's EUNHA…she's so damn cute 💞💞💞

  49. seungmin laugh 49:45

  50. kim seungmin :
    youngest but tallest in we kpop
    but smolest in stray kids’ maknae line

  51. I know it will not be possible for 2pm to come this show at least for yrs…but here I'm hoping episode after episode that got7 will come.. who's with me for my wish!!

  52. I fell like want to cry because really love them 😍😍😘😘

  53. A STAY(Stray Kids'fan) here watching the reaction of Seungmin to Gfriend.
    Coz I havent seen any interactions between SKZ and Gfriend.
    Btw, the girls are so cute and adorable ☺️

  54. sowon looks so beautiful here. perfect look for idol

  55. 53:33 is the funniest sht i've watched

  56. cant wait another gg come to this show, wkwk. i know these male hosts like it, jk wkwk

  57. This is why GFRIEND stands out from the other girlgroups, they shout and get mad at their fans and their fans like it. XD

  58. Sending my love for you my yeoja 🤗🤗🤗😍😍😍😍

  59. American market is not the only. American music must learn fron kpop production of video for example. Music don't have frontier of lenhuaje. You like or not like

  60. 51:31 Yuju unnie why you so cutieee…..😭😭😭😭
    Ahhh…I'm dying🌼🌼

  61. terima kasih sub indonesia nya

  62. I'm not a fan but they are cool girls I like their personalities

  63. 0:23 Jeff how many times are you going to say "America"…

  64. No one brave enough to scold fans, but GFriend does.. How cute…….

  65. Why seungmin looks so cute in this episode? 😭😭😭

  66. OMG Nichkhun 'stick out your tongue at us' hahaha 🤣

  67. wooohooo go GFRIEND!!!!

  68. i just realized after watch again, the end clip was about exo chanyeol and sehun. my exol-buddy heart overglad again.. 🤣

  69. Gfriend and Buddy routine is teasing sarcastically.

  70. When I re-watch this, hmm I'm thinking that Nickhun probably paying back because when he try asking sowon but the script is Eunha that's why he keep talking about follow the [email protected]

  71. I like Gfriend from girlgroup. But I hope seventeen will be here too. Because i like them for the boygroup. 😍😘😊

  72. But inseong is a pikachu addict😆 i mean pokemon addict😂

  73. Since when eunha has tattoos at her shoulder

  74. Or I'm the only one that just realised it

  75. 💓💕💞❣️💘

  76. Umji and Suengmin doing pikachus is so cute then Inseong suddenly interferes ahhahaha he's so funny

  77. You see, I stan talented, funny, and kind queens

    +The hosts…. I love y’all 😂

  78. jefferson 💀😬

  79. RIP my replay button 51:30 <333

  80. best GG for me till now…
    4. (?)

  81. they srsly like a girl of btob..had 2 jobs in once which is idol and comedian

  82. Poor SinB being teased by two members lol

  83. YERIN mood maker of every variety loool

  84. I can watch this many times coz its interesting

  85. Take a shot everytime Jeff says "America"

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