We K-Pop Extra Ep.3 – NCT DREAM [ENG, CHN / 2019.08.20]

We K-Pop Extra Ep.3 – NCT DREAM [ENG, CHN / 2019.08.20]

All about NCT DREAM! Let’s take this time to learn all there is. This segment is called All About Boom. (All About Boom: What makes NCT DREAM & NCTzens boom) Let’s talk about what makes you guys boom. Sounds nice. Before that, we had our little secrets back when we were teens. – Those teen days. / – When we were adolescents. And we shared secrets with special friends. I thought maybe NCT DREAM and NCTzens could become friends who share secrets. All right! We got mobile phones ready. You can enter the group chat room that is prepared for you on them and anonymously text what you want to say. Like complaints or what you wanted to say, (Jisung is fuming) What you want them to stop. – Jisung! / – Jisung has made fists! Jisung, looking good there! You have complaints about us? – For crying out loud! / – Not now. (Hot and heavy even before the game) – Not now. / – You can’t start yet! You can let it out in that group chat. Right, take it out by texting. You can work it out in there. I can relate because I’m also in a group. Right, there’s so much to say! Can I share what I want with my guys? We’ll let you text them like this when SF9 comes on the show again. Let’s start and take this out. I hear NCT DREAM has a signature chant. Oh, that’s right. It’s like a cheer we do together. – A cheer? / – Yes, a cheer. But it’s actually something that Mark shouted out first. Mark started it? Then everyone else repeated. But we don’t have… – No leader? / – Nothing official yet. (No leader after Mark graduated) It’s vacant! But who seems like a leader? – Jeno. / – He’s like our good man. Looks like he doesn’t agree. Jisung? Jisung is like that? You’re getting ahead of yourself there! You guys, let’s just hear who you think as your new leader. Renjun! Renjun? Don’t talk but be anonymous (Picking the leader) and text your thoughts! Text who you have in mind. The member who gets the most votes is temporary leader for the day. He’ll be the leader for today. All on your mobile. (Making sure) Don’t look at each other’s names. You can’t look at each other’s screens. The person next to you might be roasting you. Right, so you can’t look. This is anonymous voting. Who do you want to become NCT DREAM’s leader for the day? – Let’s vote! / – Start texting! Lots of LOL. Hey, ID Earthling! Whoever that is, you’re in trouble. ID Earthling is getting busy. “Jisung.” Someone wrote “Cizney as leader.” That’s so sweet. “Jeno, be more obedient.” What’s that emoji? Jisung gets three votes. Someone deleted their text. – Why did you delete? / – “Haechan.” “Jeno, Jeno, Jisung, Haechan.” “Haechan.” Jisung gets four votes. Who the heck is Jisul? Jisul? (Bursting in laughter) Someone texted, “I’m cute.” “Renjun” and “I’m sorry.” “Injun.” “Jisung.” Someone made a voting box. Voting box! Good job! Yeah, this is how to get it done. – You got a voting box. / – Open it! But Cizney is the last option. There’s Cizney too! “I’m Jeno, the king of being cute.” Cizney! If Cizney becomes the leader today, they won’t let anyone go home. “I’m Jeno, the king of being cute.” Jeno is hogging up the screen. Have you all voted? You can’t see the voting box. – Vote! / – Please vote. Vote for your leader. – Right now… / – Two haven’t voted yet. – Two people. / – Haechan, two votes. Cizney, one vote. The two people who are left, hurry and vote. Please hurry up with the votes. This is a tight voting race. Jisung, two. Haechan, two. Chenle, one. Cizney, one. That means Jeno, Jaemin, and Renjun have no votes. That’s all right. You’re fine with that? Still voting! Who didn’t vote yet? Someone didn’t vote. You need to vote now. Please click on the box and vote. The voting box is on the screen. Cizney, two. Haechan, two, Jisung, two. That means… Isn’t the voting over? Please click on the box and vote. But I think it’s over. – Really? / – Yeah, we all voted. That means Jisung has two. No, Jisung has three votes. Oh! Jisung has three votes. You need to exit then enter. Exit then enter to check. All right. “Mark, come back.” I bet that’s Chenle. Okay, let’s take a look. The most votes go to… Park Jisung! Jisung has three votes! Today’s NCT DREAM leader is Jisung! We’re in big trouble! We’re doomed! Hang on. Since I’m leader now, can I talk down to everyone else? (Already loving the power) That’s up to you. Yeah, we’ll leave that up to you. You waited for this moment. Guys, please put down your phones. When leader Jisung shouts first, you can repeat your signature chant. All right. Hey, Jeno. Your eyes are brimming with tears. (Feeling sad) Are you all right? Yeah, I’m fine. Will our fans also chant along? Yeah, they’re going to! Then I should do a good job. We’ll do this twice. Two times? Okay. Here we go. – Yo, dream! / – Yo, dream! – Yo, dream! / – Dope, dope, hey! – Yo, dream! / – Dope, dope, hey! That was nice! Yo… Dream? Wait, did we have seven votes? (Six members but seven votes?) Yeah. That means one more person voted. Huh? Who voted? It could be the show staff. I’m watching you. I just noticed that now. Did you vote with them? – No, I didn’t. / – Right? – It wasn’t you? / – Not me. (Shinyoung is guilty!) No? But I did. Then it was you! You said for everyone to vote, so I thought I should. Do we have to decide again? No, no, there are no second turns. Let’s move on to the questions now. What’s booming popular within NCT DREAM these days? What’s booming popular? (Answers were collected prior) Renjun… Renjun is like your sniper! Renjun’s been hilarious today! He’s like a sniper! – His answers are always fun. / – Yeah. He wrote, “Bad-mouthing an absent member.” That’s not what I actually wrote. I wrote, “Teasing a member who’s not there.” Teasing them? I don’t get what bad-mouthing is. It’s similar to teasing. But doesn’t that imply scorning? No, just talking bad about them. For me, it’s just teasing. – Like being all playful? / – Yeah. It’s similar, but teasing is cuter. Taking it up a notch is bad-mouthing. There are different levels. Backbiting doesn’t put it right, so let’s go with teasing. – Now to the group chat. / – Let’s go! All right then. A member who’s absent. Mark isn’t here, so he can be our target. That’s what I was talking about. He’s not here because he graduated. Mark is mentioned in the chat. “Talking behind Mark’s back.” That’s a hilarious answer. Many are mentioning Mark. Okay. “Too much Mark!” “Mark! Don’t be so over the top.” “Mark, don’t lose yourself.” That’s so hilarious! “Master of fake reactions.” “Soulless.” Isn’t this a loss for whoever texted it? (Haechan catching on) No, you’re fine. We guarantee anonymity. What does Mark’s fake reaction mean? Let’s say someone told a story and tried to sound funny. But when no one finds it funny, Mark starts laughing like this. (Impersonating Mark’s fake reaction) – Like that. / – He reacts that way? Just like that. That’s why we said, “Too much Mark.” So that’s where that came from. Too much! Way too much! – He’s too much? / – Yeah. – Too much? / – Yeah, way too much. Way too much! “When will you treat the guys?” That’s another one about him. ♪ I want to treat the guys ♪ (Suddenly rapping?) Mark rapped that when he was on “High School Rapper.” ♪ I want to treat the guys ♪ Did he ever treat you after graduating? – Lots of times. / – Honestly, a lot. But we keep teasing him about it. Right, with that rap he did. Because of the rap lyrics. You can’t help it with the lyrics? Have you… What should I say? Has Mark ever touched your heart? The day before our “BOOM” comeback, he came by with drinks for everyone. Mark Lee… I keep saying Mark Lee. Mark has his own busy schedule, so we were grateful for the thought. “Poor fried eggs.” Mark Lee… What’s wrong with me? Those fried eggs are about world-famous chef Gordon Ramsay looking at Mark’s fried eggs and roasting him. – Really? / – For real? A fan sent a picture of Mark’s fried eggs to Gordon Ramsay, saying it was made by her boyfriend, and Gordon Ramsay said to break up. – Break up? / – Saying there’s no love? Mark shouldn’t be cooking. He’s bad at cooking, so he treats you guys? – Yeah. / – What a nice guy! – Yeah, he’s really nice. / – Good. That’s enough about Mark. Since this is anonymous, how about you tease each other? Anonymous teasing. – Just between you guys. / – The members? Chenle, okay! Chenle got it! “Renjun has Sky Dome shoulders.” – Sky Dome? / – He has broad shoulders. Can we call 119? That was hilarious. “Renjun has Sky Dome shoulders.” “Fun Jeno!” “Renjun chirps out-of-pitch.” You’re all snipers! (Starting to lose his temper) I never knew NCT DREAM was this hilarious! – They’re a bunch of fun! / – They should do shows. They’re typing “LOL.” “Jisung, open your eyes, baby.” ♪ Jisung, open your eyes ♪ Jisung is biting his lips! He’s biting his lips. “Jisung has clumsy hands.” – Jisung has pretty eyes? / – Yeah! “Jisung has huge eyes.” “Jisung’s head size is 60cm.” – It’s true! / – His head size is 60cm. Who is ID KBS Director? ID Director? “Jisung’s head size is 60cm.” They’re all after Jisung. (Laughing seconds later) That’s so hilarious. “Jeno, it’s humid in here, so be funny.” – Is it humid in here? / – What a genius! He must be a genius. They’re all so funny. Let’s hear you comment. That was a good beating. NCT DREAM sure gave a good beating. They’re no joke! “Jaemin, get the vacuum cleaner.” “Jisung only has big hands.” “Jaemin, clean up the mess.” “Chunji.” “Chenle has 58cm head size.” Who is ID KBS Chief Director? He’s now the Chief Director. I guess he got promoted. This is hilarious. Okay, all right. It’s mostly about Jisung and Renjun. – They’re on top. / – Two on top. (Guess which members used what nicknames) (More details on We K-Pop’s Twitter)

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