We Only Ate Pop Tarts Vs. Real Food for a day! (24 hour challenge)

We Only Ate Pop Tarts Vs. Real Food for a day!  (24 hour challenge)

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  1. TeamBreakfastpopart

  2. pause at 3:00 and look at BlackJack 🤣

  3. Breakfast :real food

  4. I love blueberries poptart

  5. I love strawberries

  6. I like that rebbaca did not get ice cream

  7. I like strawberry's

  8. The strawberries and apple and I love and I mean I love fruit sooooooooooooo much.💜💗

  9. Strawberry is my favorite fruit

  10. Strawberry with banana,ice cream and cake,chocolate

  11. This looks so fun!!

  12. We don't have pop tarts in uk

  13. Team real fruit breakfast

  14. Mine is Apple pop tarts

  15. Breakfast real food because I do not like pop tarts

  16. Breakfast real food

  17. Peanut and blackjack are soooooooooooo cute

  18. strawberry milkshake is my favorite. No doubt about it

  19. Who loves Rebecca and Matt

  20. BROWN SUGAR POPTART IS MY FAVE!!! Oh and i looooove there intro!!!!

  21. Breakfest: I would rather have the strawberries but not the apple i love strawberries but like the fruit not the poptart!!

  22. MIlkshakes anyday of the week!

  23. Poptarts ( for breakfast)

  24. I love strawberry Pop Tartts too

  25. I love strobres with shoger

  26. I like green apple

  27. I did a challenge with my cousin and I did only eat and candy for 24 hours with

  28. Round 1 Matt because it's healther

  29. Team pop tarts👇🏻

  30. S’mores pop tarts for life

  31. Strawberry and do a 24 hrs eating McDonald’s

  32. Yes I like strawberry

  33. Who else is watching in 2019

  34. The question was do you like strawberries I freakin loveeeeeee strawberries

  35. I love you and to bemymom iloveyou Rebecca zamolo venus matt

  36. For breakfast I like green apple

  37. Ilike the ice creme sunday poptart

  38. My birthday is on October 31

  39. I would say real food 🥘

  40. Hot fudge Sunday🍨

  41. Dinner I would eat the Sunday

  42. In England we don't have pop tarts I wish we did z

  43. Strawberry is the best flavor

  44. 🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓

  45. Mei fewer is candy Apple

  46. Oreo is the best poptart

  47. I haven't eaten poptarts before

  48. Real food breakfast

  49. Team breakfast,I would want real

  50. I want the apples I'm team fruit for breakfast

  51. Real food brectfast

  52. Breakfast, team real food be healthy everybody 😁

  53. My fav is chocolate fudge

  54. Your dogs 🐶 are super cute 😭


  56. joy love you to so mcuh

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