(Weekly Idol EP.312) K-pop Randomplay Dance Robot Appeared [K POP 랜덤플레이 댄스봇 탄생!]

(PICK ME-Produce 101) (Oh! I must cover this) (The stars for tonight occupying
the center of the stage) (Saebyeol of MATILDA vs. Sun of MAP6) (Full of confidence-Feeling small) (A rare good dancer belonging to
a vocal group) (Plz don’t be sad-Highlight) (A switch of players from MAP6) (B.I.G finally joining the stage) (A three-way race among Saebyeol,
Minhyuk and Gunmin) (Re-enacting the choreography perfectly) (Poorly covering it) (All singing along the chorus together) (Turning from a competition to a pep rally
among idol singers) (Getting highly excited) (The one in green shirt standing out) Hold on a second Guys, I want to tell you two things I like you all sing together I’m pleased to see you all sing together But you shouldn’t stand in front of
others to appear more on TV – Got it?
– Yes Let’s continue. Music start. (VERY NICE-SEVENTEEN) (Oh, I should dance to this song) (MATILDA) (Solely occupying the stage) (Dancing widely) (Benji of B.I.G coming to stop her) (But not knowing the choreography) (Trying to win the judges hearts) Do you know this? I’m amazing. I know all the choreography (FIRE-BTS) (Adrenaline being released on the way
to the stage) Good (Shocked) (Powerful dance moves) (Saebyeol vs. Gunmin) (Quickly switching the player) Benji, go back to our seat (Not knowing the choreography,
MAP6 sitting hopelessly) Saebyeol knows everything (MOVIE-BTOB) (A dance machine unable to take
any breaks) (Looking at her in admiration, reflecting
on themselves) (Becoming MATILDA’s showcase stage) (Becoming anxious) MATILDA is dominating the stage (Russian Roulette-Red Velvet) (I know this!) (The girl in red being dominant
but the guy in pink never giving up) (The guys in green not even advancing
to the stage) (The contest of who’s bubblier) (Bubbly) (Synchronized dance moves) (Cheering his member up with his face) They are machines (DARLING-Girl’s Day) (Girl’s Day) (The guys in green finally advancing
to the stage) (The guys in green appearing lively
after a long time) (Sun once again being the last to remain
on the stage) (Highly energetic) (Perfectly re-enacting the choreography) (Rough-GFRIEND) (Heedo springing up) (Team red and team pink having another
match of who’s bubblier) (Dance stage being overwhelmed by
their energy) (Great facial expression) (End of dance cover competition) (The only one covering every song) I think I don’t even have to announce
the winner Are you a big fan of K-POP, Saebyeol? I love K-POP singers – All of them?
– Yes The winner of dance cover competition
is MATILDA Are you watching me, mom? (Fully acknowledging the result)

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