Weezer – Buddy Holly (Official Music Video)

Weezer – Buddy Holly (Official Music Video)

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  1. Weezer (along with Fall Out Boy) are going on tour with Green Day in 2020!

  2. Who does Kurt think he's fooling ??I'd of done anything to get away from Courtney love too…that lady is a clout chaser…If rivers is Kurt then hell yeah rock on bro!!ur the man!!

  3. The young american graffiti actors is a nice touch

  4. This video makes me sad. All i see and think of is that it was so much easier back then. Less worries and people were more normal and sane. Nowadays gives me the chill of insanity and that everything is a total mess :/ . Who's the same thought ?

  5. Too bad Weezer sounds like shit now

  6. A one up on In Bloom XD

  7. Windows 95 brought me here hahah

  8. 3:09 Rivers is like, "why is everyone impressed by the guy dancing and not us?"

  9. Richie the C is a COMMIE!!

  10. Nice to see Foreman back from africa

  11. Am i mistaken to say that nintendogs sampled the booing sound effect in the middle of this music video for its dog tournament things

  12. This is just In Bloom 15 years in the future

  13. He said " why they gotta front"…. So 90's 😂

  14. A Hot Dog an Old Grandpa Sweater and a Magazine

    Surviving the skills and laundry bombs…

    the illusionists, the Socratic, the sophistry, and rhetoric…

    the credit system…

    the subtle conflicts…

    the information bomb…

    the fights and the knights and the unlimited democracy…

    the health system and food…

    the parties and drugs, hot dogs and doggers…

    the cities and the race… and agricultural encircling…

    surviving temptation for greed…

    surviving competition and workaholics syndrome…


    Christianity and its limitations…

    aristocratic affiliations…

    surviving the dance of emergency…and joining the bomb

    -f. Nienow
    I found that the music industry was into the "Renaissance pickles" and Bathory. Gross, man, gross. The noble definitions of blood and death anyone? Dream the System.

  15. Henry winkler dancing in this video? WTF? This is confusing?

  16. Please, try the “F I S H”.

  17. I really wish I found out about this band much sooner.

  18. Viendo esto en octubre del 2019

  19. Weezer was probably trolling when they made this song but damn it is good

  20. This is the best music video ever made.

  21. On October 30th it will be Al's death day remember that folks, and pray he is doing great where ever he may be. AND PLAY THIS SONG OR WATCH HAPPY DAYS TO REMEMBER HIM.

  22. This came pre-loaded on the first computer i ever owned. Mid 90s. Ambra. Came with a game called hoover. Childhood unlocked.

  23. Damn, this song brings back some great memories. This song released when I was 14, in my first year at High School… I can see all my old friends faces again, I miss 'em all. Nostalgia really hits you in the balls sometimes.

  24. Windows 95 brought me here.

  25. Oh, by Osiris , Gates chosen his way so controversial.

  26. Please, try the fish. Double Entendre if I ever heard one 😉 🐟 🐱

  27. We. We. Weeeezer!!!

  28. Love the Cossack bit

  29. Why is there not a single black person within 80 miles of this music video?

  30. win 95 brought me here

  31. Hard to believe this is 25 years old. It still sounds so fresh, if it was released today, it would be a massive hit.

  32. I'm sure Buddy is rocking on this song in heaven

  33. Fkin superb vid👌

  34. guy at 1:26 is confused. He hears a keyboard/organ but, doesn't see it on the stage.

  35. Weezer & Happy Days Gang

  36. Do people still about this great band

  37. I hear this song in psp game called "rock band" hahaha

  38. … 2:51 Is fucking orgasmic

  39. Freaking Awesome! !!!!

  40. I remember recording this off MTV, on my sister's VHS tape. The 3HR, SP, of Saved By The Bell – of which I taped over, is still a bone of contention 25yrs later. 😊 Headbangers Ball was all we had.

  41. Those young people are 70's and 80's today

  42. The reason his homies were dissin his girl was because they tried the fish

  43. 2019 where you at🤟🏾🤟🏾🤟🏾

  44. 7.7k people did not try the fish

  45. Please help! I need to find another song! I remember this song from the Windows 95 cd. I also remember Edie Brickell's Good Times. In my YouTube quest, I have determined that there were two different versions of the Windows 95 cd. One had those two song, but the cd I had featured four songs. One of the songs went "If I'm supposed to be in Heaven, where the Hell are You?"
    I've found that online already.

    There was a fourth song that I cannot remember or find any information on. All I can tell you, it that it was a jazz song with a nightclub vibe. The beginning of the video starts by showing drums, an upright bass, and a piano (I think). The only lyrics I sort of remember were something like "Mama had a baby. Daddy had a car." but those lyrics could be wrong. There was a man singing, and I think he was wearing a white suit, but all of these memories are from my early childhood, and could be mixed up.

  46. Anyone try the fish tonight? Thats not so good Al…not so good Al

  47. This song is so advanced for the '50s

  48. Weezer sucks so bad even Weezer thinks so.

  49. This was there only good album great album tho

  50. Back in the day when Windows thought Apple might beet it they included this on the CD. Apple never did get above second rate and Windows doesn't have to do stuff like this anymore.

  51. Windows man….Windows 95? Now that's it!!!

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