What’s inside a MASSIVE Disco Ball?

What’s inside a MASSIVE Disco Ball?

– Welcome back to What’s Inside. – Today, we’ve got a special video where we’re going to explode a
disco ball super slow motion. (mild explosion) Thanks to Chromebook for
sponsoring this video. Get ready for the madness. (dramatic upbeat music) Don’t push it. (explosion)
(screams) So, rather than just blow up
a disco ball in our backyard, we came to Hollywood California. This place is pretty cool. – This is where TV shows and
movies are actually made. – A real set. Does this not look like the
inside of what you would think a disco ball would look like? – This is crazy. – This is it, this is our
giant disco ball right here. Now, a lot of you might be asking, like, why are you seeing what’s
inside of a disco ball? First of all, a lot of
you asked in the comments, cut open a disco ball,
see what’s inside of it. And then the second reason
is it’s become really popular in today’s world of, like, video games. I’ve even seen a video game
where sometimes a disco ball is, like, over somebody’s head
and they’re dancing like that, and they can’t stop dancing. We see disco balls, you
see ’em places where they’re all lit up. But there’s actually no
lights inside of this. Pretty simple the way this thing works. It’s just a mirrored ball, and when a light shines on it, it reflects off of it. Like, look at Lincoln’s shirt. – Wow. – I’ve got the light in one place, and you can just see it’s just… – So cool. – Setting the lights everywhere. Once we got this disco
ball and we felt it, it’s different than I thought. (knocking) – It sounds like a basketball
when you hit it, like. (knocks) You hear that? It’s like rubber. – It’s not like in the movies
where you just take this thing and you drop it and it shatters. – You should try it. – I’ll even show you this. We’re gonna take this and just drop it. Like right here.
– Yes, yes. (thump) – Alright, so this thing is
stronger than you would think. It’s not a ball of glass
that just shatters. Yes, we could take, like, a
chop saw or an angle grinder or a hatchet and try
to get into this thing. But we’re in Hollywood,
we’re gonna do this big. – Let’s do it. – Let’s go. (intense upbeat music) – Whoa. – Alright, so yesterday,
we sketched out the diagram of what this explosion
area is going to look like on our pixel book. And it’s pretty cool because
it looks pretty accurate. So, there’s the disco
ball, it’s really close to what we drew up. – There’s the blast wall. – The gold blast wall. This is gonna protect
us from getting damage, but then more importantly. – Super slow motion! – We have an explosive
expert, his name’s Neil. He’s setting up the stuff right now. Let’s go check it out. How’s it looking over here? – Well, just getting ready
for the final touch here. – Okay, check this out. – What is that? – See that? – Push it. – That’s the button.
– Don’t push it, just kidding! (laughter) No, we’re not setup yet, right? We’re gonna let Neil do what he does best, and we’re gonna go somewhere safe, which is in the saloon. Hey girls. – Hi, daddy.
– Are you ready for the explosion? – We are ready. – Thank you.
– Okay, walkie talkies set. – Here you go. – Safety goggles. – Glasses. – Alright, okay Neil. (dramatic music) – Barrel’s hot! (dramatic music) – Okay, here we go. Ready, guys? Three. Two. One. (explosion) (screams) (laughter)
(applause) Yes! That is in pieces. (intense rock music) – [All] Whoa. – Oh, do you see it. It’s like it split in half at first. – It did.
– Watch. Right there. Look at that, right in the middle. – That looks really cool.
– So, definitely that’s where it splits. Like, that is really cool. Let’s go check out the pieces. – Alright, let’s go. – Check it out, there’s
already a piece just, like, right here. There’s one way over there. – Whoa! (upbeat music) – Alright, so we’ve gathered
up a bunch of the pieces. I don’t think we have
a full disco ball here, but we’ve got a lot of it. – Yeah.
– A couple things that I think are
interesting, first of all, it is rubbery like
Lincoln said originally. When he thought it was
like a basketball, yeah. And it is that way. It’s like they just glued
on little pieces of glass onto this rubber. The next thing I think is
interesting is there’s definitely a seam in the middle. So, the way that they
must put these together is they have two halves,
and they put ’em together, and they even have screws right here. – That blew up into a lot
more pieces than I expected. (laughter) That was so big, it went so far away. – It’s been a pretty wild experience that ended in us having an
epic slow motion explosion. Hope you guys like this. Thanks to Chromebook for
sponsoring this video, this was a blast. Make sure you check out
their YouTube channel for the full behind-the-scenes
of how this thing came to be. The link is in the description. You can go check it out.
– It’s down there. – It is. (upbeat music)

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