Which Rappers Does This Woman Claim to Have Been With?

Which Rappers Does This Woman Claim to Have Been With?

– So Celina, you say you’re known. How many Instagram followers do you have? – 50,000. – 50,000. – Are they real or did you buy those? – Are they real or did you buy them? – No, they’re real. – And your goal is that
you just want celebrities to respond and to get their attention, ’cause we heard that Cardi B did respond. (co-host laughs) Yeah, okay, Cardi. (laughs loudly) This was after we found out
that your confession was a lie. So you did get her attention,
but she laughed at you. – But no, because she’s
already tweeted me. We actually had like a Twitter beef because of this whole thing. – I don’t think she had
Twitter beef with Cardi B. I didn’t do anything to get her attention. – She just tweeted me out of nowhere. – I don’t think Cardi B has time. – How did that make you feel? Did that make you feel good that day? You was like, “Oh snap,
Cardi B is telling me off!” (audience laughs)
– No, I didn’t care. I don’t care about Cardi,
I don’t care about that. Me and her were just
fighting back and forth and then she took it a little too far and got my Instagram deleted. Then it became personal, because I’d never had a problem with her. I don’t care. It’s not like I went out of my way, like, direct messaged her and be like, “Oh, like yeah, can you please
have my baby’s dad respond?” I never said any of that. That’s why they know it was fake, because I never actually got a lawyer. I never actually, like,
was after them about this. They sent me that little
cease and desist letter, I wrote the lawyer back,
and then that was it. – Why do you target rappers? – She is technically
the rapper starter kit, that’s what she is. – Oh, what was that again,
the rapper starter kit? – The rapper starter kit, you know? – Well, since we talking, girlfriend, what rappers she all been with? – She faked a pregnancy with (bleep), faked a pregnancy with (bleep), faked a pregnancy with Waka. – Okay, so first of all, I never faked a pregnancy with Waka. – Oh, you stalked him, right. – No, I didn’t stalk him, actually. – There’s a video of that, too. – Okay, there’s a video of
him saying that I’m crazy. – Right, exactly. (laughs) – Okay, and? – Celina, I be paying
attention to stuff, too and I did see the Waka Flocka video, telling you, you know.
– Yeah, I know that, I know that he was calling me crazy, and? So what, he still got my name
recognized, so that’s fine. – But Celina–
– I mean, but– Hold up, Celina.
– So what? – No, I know, but since
we’re facing the truth. – Yeah. – Waka Flocka said that you
were a disgrace to women. – I’m not the face of women.
(audience cheering)

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  1. This chick looks like fucking trash. Damn. I dont want my penis in the same room as her.

  2. Which channel is this show on?

  3. Damn she was fire here why she fuck her looks with surgery

  4. My first time watching this show.. reminds me “ The Real” show 🤔🤔

  5. Show seems okay but I can't with vivica fox has to go

  6. Just went on her Instagram and she doesn't have 50,000 Instagram followers

  7. The definition of clout chasing

  8. SAD how technology is misused

  9. Look like one of the rappers she been with would by her a better wig.

  10. Wow cardi is the one who took it to far

  11. She needs to be in a mental facility period!

  12. The Spanish accent is gone today

  13. 50k isn't anything she could of had more being a health fitness

  14. Okay I honestly feel like this show isn't any type of help at all, I feel like it's just a panel where ladies want to talk shit and they aren't talked about for doing so

  15. Idk wtf these shows give these mfs attention. That's exactly why they even accepted to go on the show. Just clout for them and clout to the the show🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ shows these days getting wack QUICK

  16. I Agree with Celina👌🏾. Bad Press is Still Good Press. Social Networking is a Great Way to Build a Platform without Paying a Publicist, a Manager and a Lawyer Who All Steal Your Money. These Young Adults Saving Money✊🏾.


  17. Love that these ladies let her have it hahaha what an idiot

  18. They are both crazy

  19. her mom is more bad than her lmao

  20. majority of "famous" people are just stupid dramatic attention hoes

  21. Vivica stop it girl…..remenber 50 Cent

  22. When you are the woman Waka Flocka says "is a disgrace to women"…….

    DAMN…. OUCH!!!!!

  23. Mad woman this lol

  24. Deadass tho, CardiB has beef with literally anyone on twitter, even people with like 500 followers lmao.

  25. U fucked a rapper? Who cares shit dont make u special lol makes you a groupie

  26. The Fall of Western Civilization. People wonder why Islam has 1 Billion 800 million followers , worldwide , and grow daily
    Cos of shit like the , un caring un faithful Ho of the year. Lol

  27. Y'all laughing at this girl. No sarcasm — this girl a career girl. She driven to achieve her goals, by any means necessary. She fine as hell too. Also, Judy Ho, call me girl. 555-ILL-MAKE-LOVE-TO-YOU.


  29. Imagine having to sit behind her at a theatre

  30. Im not the face of women. You sure arent

  31. She's trash… I hope if Cardi ever comes to Denver she beats her ass or throws a high heal at her head.

  32. She just wants that dick

  33. I’ve heard of this girl from Ti, she’s been around, where did they find her at?
    The other girl is right though, she is the rapper starter kit 💯

  34. This show is Bascially publicly bashing people but trying their best to hide it

  35. I love Celina!!!!!!💖💖💖💖💖❤❤❤❤❤❤

  36. She acts like this girl I knew in 7th grade

  37. They do anything for clout

  38. Her friend is the biggest snitch ever 🤣🤣🤣

  39. All this nonsense for clout!!

  40. This Bitch needs some psychological helpp wiiii🤣🤣🤣🤣

  41. I'm very glad that there's a lot of females commenting on this girl's Behavior this just tells you that the world has not gone to shit for the next Generation of females and to the bitch who's sleeping with the rapper's it's disgusting because you're actually admitting that you're a hoe as long as they shove money in your mouth they can do whatever they please with you your just giving them more power to rap about females and how they treat them especially if you are one of them that allows them to be disrespected that way this is how those rappers are going to continue disrespecting females and talking and saying shit towards them


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