Why Aikido is the Best Martial Art

Why Aikido is the Best Martial Art

Hi – my name’s Azu. Welcome to AikidoFlow.
I’m here to basically explain to you or basically answer the question why I choose aikido over
any martial arts. Now I wanna stress I’m not saying aikido is the best martial arts in
the world; there’s aspects of it which are brilliant, aspects of all martial arts – all
martial arts is brilliant. But for what I do, aikido I’ve found is the best martial
art. My day job I work in a school, teaching kids, part time I do security in nightclubs.
I’ve been doing that for about 15 years and I’ve been in a lot of situations where I’ve
used aikido in real life. And the reason why it’s best for me is because it gives me choice.
Now, I’m not that young anymore, and it’s nice to be able to do something without having
to punch or kick all the time. I’ve seen – I’ve been arrested twice on the job. And that’s
often been the result of me hitting somebody back in the day and police come, they see
blood, a broken nose or whatever, next thing minute I’m in cuffs, I’m being arrested. And
that was just me acting in self defence. But aikido lately I’ve found has given me a choice,
like for example – sorry, Ondrej can I borrow you please? Ondrej! For example, I’ve been
in many situations now. Let’s..I’m gonna talk about first of all the situations where I’ve
managed to defuse a situation and have it not escalate to anything. Ok, one scenario
– one guy here, his mates are kicking off, so all security are fighting here, this guy
I’m trying to keep him calm, and suddenly he just grabs me, ok. And he grabs me and
he goes for a punch here, ok. I was able to block it and come with a nikkyo and say to
him “Hey my man, relax, calm down, ok”. He felt a bit of pain here and that was enough
for me, I didn’t even have to take him down all the way or anything, that was enough for
him to say “Alright, alright, I’m good I’m good I’m good.” And this defused the situation.
Another time, same thing, guy went for a grab. I grabbed his hand, and I gave him a nice
lock here and I said to him “My man, please, relax yourself, calm down.” And that was enough
to disperse it. It was about to kick off, but it didn’t. I’ve also escorted people out
of the club many times where I’ve come along, there’s been lots of security pinning down
one guy, trying to hold him, this guy’s been struggling, and I’ve come along and I’ve just
grabbed him here, got him in a bit of a lock here and said “Alright, everybody let go let
go. Come on mate, let’s go.” And I’ve walked him out the club. Take him out the door, yes,
goodbye mate. Done and dusted. So it hasn’t really had to escalate to me throwing punches
or whatever. And to be honest, sometimes people do silly things, and maybe you wanna inflict
a bit of pain on them for them to make you realise that ok I shouldn’t mess here. So
it makes it easy for me to do that without leaving any visible damage on them. I’ve also
been in the scenario when I was attacked. Kicked out about 20 guys from the club, me
and my other security. They started to rush the door. Now, we’re all kind of fighting
here but one guy came at me, he’s come with a big swing, ok. Boom! This is when I thought
I have to go all out. So the block was here, and I just came here with my elbow, bang!
Took him out; he was done, ok. And then, the other guy he came along, same thing. They
always go for that haymaker. And all I did was I go here…boom! A nice clothesline.
That could be seen as a tenshio-nage, but this time was a block, bang! I just went through.
This was a scenario where I thought ok, I need to do something here. There’s 20 of them;
I need to damage some people. Because what it resulted in me damaging a few people and
everyone just like “Woah” you know what I’m saying. Everybody just backed off once they
saw these people on the floor. They backed off. I’ve also been in the scenario where
one guy threw a punch, and as I blocked, I’ve just gone here, and I was able to take him
down and just hold him there until more security came and then took him out but like I say,
it gave me a choice. The last time I punched somebody in the face, me and a colleague,
big guy, he came at me, I moved here, I punched him here, bang! I had teeth marks in my hand.
My hand was bleeding. I had to go for a tetanus shot. I didn’t want to take any chances. So
that’s why I love aikido. It gives me choice. I don’t necessarily have to – I don’t always
have to punch, I don’t always have to kick, but in a situation where I feel like I’m overwhelmed,
I can go all out and truly damage somebody whether it’s an elbow, or even some punches
and a elbow, and something different here to finish them off, but it gives me choice.
That’s why I love aikido. And for me, it’s the best martial art for what I do. Thank
you Ondrej.

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  1. Dude:"Now i wanna stress i'm not saying aikido is the best martial art"
    Title: "Why Aikido is the Best Martial Art"

    p i k a c h u f a c e

  2. Why Aikido is the Best Martial Art ? it doesnt even work

  3. As par usual, a well explained video. Real world experience to boot, how many videos on YouTube can say that! Its all tap tap blah blah, an someone gets seriously hurt from a educational video by someone having a opponent coming at them in a certain way! Great videos keep them coming

  4. Great video… very real and sensible… probably the best presentation of support for a discipline I have seen 👍

  5. Sou ex faixa preta de aikido e tenho mais duas faixas pretas, sendo, quinto Dan em kempo. Bem, aikido é uma bela arte marcial, sem dúvida. Mas infelizmente peca na forma como trata o ataque. É tudo muito irreal. Mas tem muito mérito por ser uma escola para a vida.

  6. I love Shotokan Karate

  7. best slo-mo martial art ! too bad life doesn't move in slo mo …

  8. Title of the video : why aikido is the best martial art
    Opens the video by saying “ im not saying aikido is the best martial art but… “

  9. Theres is no best Martial Arts yall 0biviously Have Lots 2 Learn..!

  10. I have 2 problems with this. 1 is that the video started off believable and it shifted to some claims I have a hard time believing which in turn makes me question the legitimacy of the stuff I did believe. And 2 if you want to learn a leverage art that is actually proven to work and doesn't require striking why not do judo?

  11. "I'm not saying Aikido is the best martial art"
    Names video Why Aikido is the Best Martial Art

  12. Wow deji has some sick moves should’ve used them against Jake Paul

  13. Learn BJJ its better for self defense

  14. Lmao 😂 Right , only works against drunk people that have no idea what the he’ll they’re doing!

  15. Aikido and BJJ have worked for me well too, added to my boxing.

  16. So how many of these stories do you guys actually believe?? 😂😂

  17. This is such bullshit

  18. This is because your a big dude and stronger than most common folk. Try dragging someone a bit larger than you out the club in a come along hold. Aint happening, youd be better served with grappling arts of the ground wrestling type

  19. Not even Ufc champions boast like this dumbass lol

  20. in reality the real problem is that if someone throws a punch at you they will throw a second one and even if u do grab their hand when u get punched in the head your brain takes a long enough time to make a proper response that your going to get beat in all honesty so far you mustve gotten lucky and my advice is to use BJJ OR JUDO if u think that punching people in the face is not an option

  21. I like what you said, “It gives you choice”. There is no one best martial art for every situation. Every art has its place.

  22. Aikido simply is just not practical when your opponent is giving you any resistance whatsoever. Maybe it works on drunk people

  23. If you believe Aikido works then you've never been in a real fight

  24. Good points. Boxing also gives choice: you can body-punch, hit the liver, or the ribs, or the groin, without causing visible damage. If you don't want to use/damage your fists, you can do palm strikes as well. Boxing is also effective against multiple attackers

  25. Is ok but I’ll take Judo instead. It works for you on a defensive way.

  26. For the same reason any style is the best martial art: It works for whoever hones it and uses it properly.

  27. as the great Bruce Lee said the best style is no style at all adopt as many as you can.

  28. Aikido is a part of martial arts but why limit yourself.

  29. This is good though.

  30. I don't know much about Aikido but it seems like every technique he executed is found in your garden variety Jujitsu system.

  31. Yuo are wright. Only a question, please speak more slow. I don´t understand english well. Thanks a lot.

  32. Aikido tanımadan böbürlenen ve atıp tutanlara sadece gülüyorum… Çok komiksiniz… Bazılarının anlayabileceğinin üstündedir Aikido..

  33. Obviously dont know about ameridote

  34. Aikido is not a martial art. No fighting involved in this sport. I would liken it to yoga and fight perfornances (like wushu). I'm not bashing Aikido but it's really wrong to say that you learn any fighting in this art. I used to do it for 6 years, and I remember I always felt very calm and good when leaving the dojo but it didn't prepare me for fights of any kind.

  35. tazer knuckles are the best martial art. heard you loud and clear.

  36. I see…what a double leg take down?

  37. No offence it’s not, spar with any wrestler, you’ll realize it doesn’t really work

  38. Until you get taken down

  39. The title should be Aikido is the best martial arts against drunk people

    His belt wrote Karate 空手道

  40. Nice sharing, you are a gentleman, but I still wouldn't mess with you. 🙂

  41. Aikido alone is useless. It need to be paired with something like thai boxing, karate, taekwondo, or something of the sort.

  42. Hahahah this is hilarious to anyone who trains real martial arts.

    Aikido is basically pray the guy who is attacking you knows nothing about fighting. If someone comes at you with any wrestling knowledge you are flopping on your back until you're asleep.

    Aikido is the only "martial art" you know, that is not the same as the best martial art for what you do.

  43. It's not bahahahaahaha!!!!!!!

  44. Please share how aikido will deflect a bullet

  45. why bullshido is the best martial art

  46. Ondrej is all like "yep, gonna let myself get wrecked on film, but first I gotta… stand… here………."

  47. The proof is that there are a ton of top UFC fighters that use aikido. Oh wait…….

  48. It looks more like Jiu-Jitsu to me but a good video.

  49. Funny, I have seen a novice puncher knockout his opponent. I have seen a navy veteran (not a seal) armbar his opponent in a fight, I have seen a novice judo player hip throw his opponent. I've never seen a pudgy black man use aikido to 86 someone from a bar. Let alone 2…..

  50. How long is the b roll?

  51. Akido is the best martial art, because you'll never get injured training it since it doesn't work.

  52. After two decades of various martial arts, I can honestly say: the best martial art is the one that interests you enough to train daily. If an art can’t keep your interest on that level, it’s not the best.

  53. Just came here to see which dick head was going to mention the cage lmfaooo

  54. Why aikido is the best martial art for people who are ok with dying in a fight

  55. Title : Why aikido is the best martial art?
    Brazilian ju-jitsu and everything excluding aikido : WHEEZE

  56. Nice to see Aikido application in the real world.

  57. It's not! Aikido is mediocre at best. I am 66yrs old and have trained in martial arts since my late teens, !5yrs Wing Chun, 20 yrs WTF TKD and now Shotokan, with 20yrs of Yoga mixed in to help my flexibility. It's down to the man or woman practicing the art and people who claim their art is the best are like children really!

  58. 2:40 ouch! the story he was telling must've been too long XD

  59. Aikido is still bulshit ! ! !

  60. Those 2 are great teachers.

  61. All theses martial arts seem like you need lighting speed to be able to react.

  62. It’s not!!! There are zeros offensive moves…when/if you are being attacked, the criminals don’t stop because you flip them over or “control” their wrists…looks great on vid but not practical…if it’s so practical, why isn’t it the choice in mma?

  63. Laughs in taekwondo and bjj

  64. Ich finde das Video nicht schlecht, doch ich denke solche "sampften Mittel" kann man sich bei einem ernst zunehmendem Gegner nicht erlauben.

  65. your body taller and has enough weight, you are stronger , yeah on these conditions you can use aikido easly and nicely , but for a short and weak people they must push and their techniques must be perfect , soo for you may be aikido is good , and believe me getting get that close to someone with sharp things is not good idea , you are using your both hands just for a technique and for a person is not good idea , aikido really works , but pls think logically , and first protect your body

  66. You clickbaiting bastard. You claim that aikido is the best martial art while denying it at the same time.

  67. Why aikido the worst martial art *

  68. Ching Ching Bang is super effective. Says my 9mm.

  69. The evolution of mma is the evolution of what actually works and is practical in hand to hand combat. It's the most expressive combat sport. Aikido might have some good techniques but what is understood now is that it requires an awareness and a training in multiple different martial arts to be MORE effective than just one disciple. wrestling, jiu jitsu, boxing, muay thai, etc.. A black belt in aikido with only specialized training in aikido would not be successful in a street fight against an individual who has the same amount of training and experience as the aikido person but with their training being in mma. My opinion.

  70. Lol, all these Aikido dudes have the same physique as a potato.

  71. Best martial art lol haven't heard such misinformed info in quiet a while

  72. Keep traditional martial arts alive. Not all of us are interested in competitive fighting sports. I've worked security in nightclubs for 18 years. Having the police show up at the end of your shift to arrest you is shit. Really, really fucking stupid. Control, restrain, and inflict pain (if need be). That's my idea of training martial arts. My choices have been bjj, wrestling (Greco and Olympic), and boxing.

  73. akido vs bjj Roy Dean. blackbelt vs black belt…

    the evidence is clear

  74. Aikido is obsolete. It was created hundreds of years ago for Samurai warriors to fight multiple targets on the battlefield. It serves no purpose in today's world.

  75. Title: Why Aikido is the Best Martial Art
    First minute: "…I'm not saying Aikido is the best martial art…"

  76. Empty your cup. Aikido is gives you options that you don't have in a stand and bang mindset. What if you don't want a lawsuit, or to break a jaw, or to win without someone's blood on your new shirt. Aikido can work in any element. Maybe a veteran would understand this.


  78. Hahahaha hahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Groin grab is always the solution in a fight

  80. I'm not saying Aikido is the best martial art.

    Title of the video: Why Aikido is th Best Martial Art

  81. Soooo, this guy is trying to tell me that in all Of these times he was attacked the person came with one blow stopped and held it there for him to perform his move? Most people are gonna go nuts throwing as many blows as quick as they can wildly. I’m not trying to hate but it just doesn’t seem realistic to me. I have been in many fights in my almost 50 years and people just don’t attack with a punch and then just leave their arm there to be attacked and all of this guys many many attackers supposedly did just that.

  82. Because if your opponent uses it your almost Guaranteed a win

  83. First define what Aikido is-

  84. I love these videos! Aikido is a great martial art for security work.

  85. The artist supersedes the art

  86. #Advice from you
    I am a mixed martial arts player …. How to learn the basics of Aikido from YouTube or book campaign from the google because there is no trainer nearby???

  87. I think Aikido is a beautiful martial art and have always wanted to learn it . I don't think it is applicable in a street fight but for doormen, security, police officer's, and for mental health workers dealing with patient's it could be a really useful tool. Too many people listen to Joe Rogan dissing Aikido and then come on here and act like experts lol too many sheep these days !

  88. Aikido will get you killed in a real fight. It is literally the worst style you could ever learn for fighting.

  89. merci mon frere tu es raison.

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