Why Don’t We Gives A Private Tour Of Their Pop-Up Shop | #MTVFreshOut

(upbeat music) – What’s up, it’s Why Don’t We – We’re here in New York
and we’re going to give you a little tour of
our pop up shop. – Let’s get it.
– Let’s do it. (pop music) – So here is our shirt
collection here at the pop ups. This one is one of my favorites. It is exclusive to
every single show we do it has the city on
the back, obviously the one yesterday
said, “Washington”. – So this is our stage – (laughs) Wait, wait,
I’m gonna fix it. – It’s already broken. – Nah, I got you. – So we’re bringing this
stage setup to all the pop up shops around the country. It’s basically meant to
be like the music video. Very chill vibe, telling ghost stories
by the camp fire. – I just wanted to
show you guys these beautiful socks we have. These are at the pop
up shops on this tour, and these are my
favorites, the green ones. I’m wearing the
blue ones right now. – This is where y’all can
come in to the pop up shop and write us notes, and we’re
actually gonna read ’em after. – Corbyn here is making
a little illustration. – Well this is my favorite part of the pop up shop. The photo booth (camera clicks) – We’re just gonna keep
taking photos so, yeah. – We’re hangin’ out
here, of course outside the What Am I pop up in New
York City with some Limelights. (pop music) – What makes Why
Don’t We so great? – They’re really sweet
and amazing and talented. – I really love their
sound, and I love how they always switch it up. ♪ We should try that sometime ♪ ♪ Hold you til the mornin’ ♪ – I just love their
songs, and when I start watching them and how
they are with their fans they’re just so sweet. – Branded by our boys and Jack – Jack wrote hers and
Daniel wrote mine. – Jack wrote mine and Daniel wrote hers. – What do you think makes
the Limelights different than any other fandom? – I think we’re all
really supportive, we try to do what we can to
promote them all the time. ♪ If I said I’m falling ♪ ♪ Would you just reply ♪ – The connection that they
have with us is so insane. They’re always online, they’re
always connecting with us DMing, liking stuff. – I’ve met so many friends. Like some people, we
fly to see each other. – I met her at a show, I
met her through a group chat and never did I ever think
that over a year ago when we met we would still
be best friends. (upbeat music) ♪ I know you are,
but what am I? ♪ ♪ Tell me, have
you seen a sunset ♪ – Yo! (camera clicks) – Oh my God! (laughing)
– Get out! – How are ya? – You always see those videos
where like, celebrities surprise their fans? I was like, “Wow, what
if that happened?” (laughing) (camera clicks) (cheers) (upbeat music)

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