Why These Rappers Didn’t Make the 2019 XXL Freshman List

Ok so in the last video a lot of people mentioned
that one hoodie string was tucked and one wasn’t, and I really wanna avoid having
that same mishap again. That looks about right. So as we all know the 2019 XXL Freshman list
is out, it’s pretty good, but there are definitely some people not on there that a
lot of people thought would be. Why didn’t Sheck Wes make it? Why didn’t Juice WRLD make it? Why didn’t IAMJAYCE make it? I know, you’re all asking these questions,
and today I’m gonna answer them, to the best of my knowledge, some of this is speculation. This is CDTVProductions, follow me on twitter
and Instagram for my eternal love and admiration, and lets get into this discussion. Sheck Wes: Now this one’s pretty obvious. XXL didn’t pick Sheck for this year’s
list because they have some sense and know that Mo Bamba is the catalyst for the end
of the world, the cause of climate change and the reason the turtles are disappearing,
and they didn’t want to promote something that harmful on this year’s list. Nah but unfortunately the actual reason is
a lot more serious than that. In the past XXL haven’t let people like
6IX9INE on the list due to being too controversial, in a way that might stop him from having a
continued successful rap career. And
I mean, they were right. There was Famous Dex In 2017 for a video that
came out. So, clearly, even they don’t always enforce
this, they’re not a fan of having someone too controversial on their list because they
don’t see those people having a successful career going forward. And at the moment, there are public allegations
against Sheck by singer Justine Sky. In situations like that, it’s definitely
for the best to not take the risk of boosting and co-signing him, so I would assume that’s
why he didn’t make the list despite his rapid rise in success. Lil Nas X: This is another name I’ve seen brought up
quite a lot. You all know who Lil Nas is, so I don’t
think I need to dive into that here. Now this one is fully speculation, but I’m
thinking that maybe XXL didn’t consider Nas for the cover because in the earlier half
of this year, almost everyone believed he would be a one hit wonder, just someone who
would ride the success of Old Town Road forever. And, as we know from the editor-in-chief at
XXL, Vanessa Satten, and as I mentioned earlier, they try to choose people that they see having
fruitful careers and continued success with their music. It’s possible that they didn’t consider
Nas because they didn’t know whether he would actually go on to be successful outside
of one song, but I’m sure he’ll be fine without the list. He just dropped his 7 EP last week, and the
songs Rodeo and Panini are racking up streams quite nicely, so here’s hoping his career
does indeed stay successful. YNW Melly: I mean he’s in jail so IAMJAYCE: I mean he just got snubbed hard didn’t he? If you’re somehow not familiar with this
legend his music is linked at the bottom of the pinned comment, tell me he shouldn’t
have made it with his smash hits. NLE Choppa: NLE Choppa seemingly came out of nowhere this
year, dropping the song Shotta Flow which got nearly 10 million views in just one month,
and is currently sitting at 75 million. His success really doesn’t seem to be slowing
down, and considering hes only started rising recently, his fans did expect him to be on
the list. However the reason why he’s not is pretty
straightforward. As time goes on, more and more rappers feel
that the XXL list isn’t respectable or necessary, and as you can see from this Instagram story…
bruh how many p’s are in your username? NLE holds that opinion… followed by this
wonderful simile right here, I’m British and even I wouldn’t drink that type of tea. NLE Choppa evidently thinks he has the tools
to succeed on his own, and at least for now he hasn’t been wrong, so it’ll be interesting
to see how his career pans out. Juice WRLD: This is the one I’ve seen people bring up
the most. Almost everyone making predictions thought
he would be on here, and most fans expected it too… but he didn’t make it. And I see a lot of people taking shots at
XXL for this, saying it makes the list invalid, but you have to consider the fact that they
did actually ask him. He simply turned it down. I love how all the videos of this clip are
titled ‘Reason Why Juice WRLD Turned Down the Freshman List’ and then the only thing
he says is ‘I turned it down’. Solid reason right there. But I think we can probably infer why. It’s not exactly new for a rapper to decline
the Freshman list invitation, Lil Skies said no last year, Post Malone turned it down in
2016, and i think the reason Juice turned it down is the same reason why Nicki Minaj
turned it down in 2010. She said “Me [and Drake] love XXL, but with
all due respect we felt like we kinda had graduated from the freshman class. We felt that XXL missed the mark when they
didn’t put us on the cover prior to that.” This makes sense for Juice as he started to
blow up in early 2018, and easily coulda made the Freshman list that year. Now it’s basically a case of XXL gaining
way more from having Juice on the list than Juice would gain from being on the list. And he possibly seems to suggest this if you
watch this interview he did last year with Power 106, it seems like he has lost respect
for the Freshman List and the importance of it over the years. So yeah, XXL aren’t to blame for not asking
Juice to be on it, it’s just that he didn’t feel like it was something he needed, and
if we’re being honest, yeah he doesn’t really. He’s doing more than fine at the moment
and isn’t gonna gain anything from being on the list. (Outro)

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