Why Young Rappers SHOULDN’T Want To Blow Up Too Soon!

Why Young Rappers SHOULDN’T Want To Blow Up Too Soon!

What’s poppin yall, we’re seeing rappers
blow up younger and younger. Right now if you’re past being a teenager
and in your 20s you’re considered old especially if you haven’t made it as a rapper yet. It’s like 20 has become the new 30 in this
age and it isn’t hard to see why; most of the rappers this decade have blown up in their
teens from odd future, Chief Keef, Lil Pump, Lil Uzi Vert, Kodak Black, Lil Yachty, NBA
Youngboy, Trippie Redd, Tay K, and Rich Brian to name just a few. Back in the 2000s sure we had Bow wow who
blew up way younger than any of these guys but he was really the only one; it wasn’t
common to have 15 or 16 year old rappers going around. There’s also a difference between blowing
up at say 15-16 and 18-19; for the former you’re usually in your first or second year
of high school and still a kid and the latter you’re probably thinking about college or
what you’re going to be doing after high school. I don’t think either age group is smarter
than the other like most people would like to proclaim a huge difference; I think the
mentality is more so brought out from the circumstance of how we go through school than
the actual cognitive ability of these ages but that’s a whole different topic. Now with rappers blowing up at such a young
age it means that a younger group of fans is drawn to them. It’s simple; you see somebody your age or
even a couple of years older and they’re making it in rap you think to yourself damn
maybe it’s possible for me to do that as well, and this is exactly what we’ve been
seeing. People like trippie redd and lil pump being
two examples who got big really young and being inspired by Chief Keef and even matt
ox. But this is a double edged sword for multiple
different reasons. The first is that you have access to so much
money and resources at a young age with adults doing whatever you want you think you’re
invincible. When you’re 16 and in this position, man
I can’t even IMAGINE what I would have done with my life if I was not only famous and
was basically a millionaire. Chief Keef was wildin out he wasn’t going
to music video shoots, told Katy Perry to suck the skin off his meat, and got heavy
into the drugs. Kodak Black and NBA Youngboy were both doing
hood stuff even AFTER they had good money coming in and it wasn’t necessary, that’s
really hurt both of them and even though they still have careers if they continue that same
way it’s gonna end up ruining not just their career but their entire life. I have to stress that this is an age thing
and it’s not an age thing at the same time because we’ve seen Rich Brian who blew up
at 16 and he’s had no problems, but not only has he had a good team around him but
he grew up in Indonesia he likely didn’t go through what these other rappers went through. The problem these rappers have and everyone
at that age really is that feeling you don’t wanna ditch your day 1 homies so you got these
rappers around these people who are doing nothing with their lives, not only leeching
off of them but keeping that temptation for them to go back into the lifestyle they worked
so hard on music to get out of. They don’t wanna be called fake friends
for relocating to a good neighborhood and surrounding themselves with people actually
doing something positive. Chief Keef was able to put damn near his whole
crew on but he’s the exception to the rule we almost never see a single rapper put on
more than one MAYBE two of his friends. Drugs, we’re seeing these rappers younger
and younger promoting drugs not just weed but lean and prescription drugs and the people
listening to them are 12, 13, 14, 15, and yes they ARE impressionable. Lil mosey is like what, 13 years old? Talkin about lean and he most likely learned
about it from a rapper he used to listen to. The thing is when these kids who probably
couldn’t afford these drugs and just tried them every now and then become rappers; they’re
gonna do as much as they can of them and become addicts. We’ve seen rappers die from complications
related to these drugs and you have those crack heads talking about that’s laced or
it isn’t pure and all this other nonsense but the point is that it’s not a good thing. These teen rappers aren’t going to make
it and be like alright lemme chill on these drugs right now, HELL no it’s full speed
they’re gonna be doing whatever they can get their hands on and nobody around them
is gonna do anything to try and stop them because they’re too scared they’ll lose
their source of income and get fired for pissing off the rapper. We haven’t even talked about what’s going
to happen when they fall off; these new rappers have such a short life in the industry now. Just look at desiigner who had the number
one song in the country just two years ago, nowhere to be found. Or Chief Keef, being as huge as he was to
the popularity level he’s at right now, I disagree with this but some people are saying
he was washed up at age 20. Most of these rappers if they continue to
have a career after briefly being on top they’re going to AT BEST manage average popularity
and more than likely just fall off entirely. Look at the public break downs bow wow has
been having lately online the past couple of years; he was a child star and in his late
20s he not only fell off musically but people are doing nothing but clown him whenever he
says anything. That’s got to mess with your head; but imagine
you’re 21 or 22 and you’re past your prime and washed up as a rapper. Or just think of yourself right now; if any
of you are 20 or 21 you’re probably still in college and even those a little older you’re
fresh out and thinking I’m not even in my final form yet, I’m charging up getting
ready to do whatever it is you want in life. But instead you’re washed up and the greatest
moments of your life are past you, everyone used to love you and doesn’t care about
you anymore, your income will NEVER be as high as it was, and you’re only in your
EARLY 20s. Psychologically this has to mess with you
and now add to the fact most of these rappers are drug addicts what do you think they’re
gonna do when nobody is paying attention anymore? They’re gonna do all these wild stunts in
an attempt to grasp at any level of clout or attention like boonk gang is doing and
use these drugs to numb that pain. Blowing up a little older, at least in the
college age is healthier because you’re in the mindset and logically thinking about
your future not enjoying everything day by day. You know where you want to go and have a plan
laid out on how to get there; and that’s not to say young rappers don’t because some
of them really do, but most of them don’t know how to handle going from nobody to the
hottest thing in what seems like an instant. But let me know what yall think in the comments,
Is it better for rappers if they blow up a little bit later when they’re an adult,
or am I just trippin? Like and subscribe and hit that notification
bell if you enjoyed, thank you for watching, peace!

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  4. I agknowledge your point and I agree with parts of what you are saying but you have to concider that most people never blow up. Getting the opportunity to be in the limelight and spread your music to millions of people around the world is a rare priveledge. Saying that they shouldnt want to blow up at that age is basicly saying that they should not take this opportunity that they most likely will never see again.

  5. If I ever want to start a music career, I at least finish school first because I might as well bring along the knowledge and be more intelligent on what I write

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  11. The bigger the rise, the harder the fall. Look at Bow Wow and Soulja Boy a few years ago. They were industry clowns not too long ago. At least Soulja's making a bit of a comeback now, but it's still too early to tell. The only true longevity (if they blow up young) is if there's talent behind their fame, i.e. XXXTENTACION. Mans would've been an even bigger legend if he didn't get murdered so young. Such a shame.

  12. "Rappers" (I quote rappers because i don't consider these clowns rappers. I consider someone like Styles p a rapper) are way to young. I'm 16, but I understand at our age we don't know how the world works as much as a mature adult. That's another thing. . .these "rappers" are way to immature and reckless.

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  28. off topic
    I don't think Chief Keef really fell off. Rather he's gotten in the position where you can make the music you want for the limited but loyal fanbase you've gotten. In my opinion that's much better than selling out and doing anything just for the bag or the clout. Look for example at Soulja Boy and Gucci Mane. Soulja Boy was kinda known to be sellout and fake but nowadays it seems like he's getting into all types of shit just to make money (the Soulja Watch, really ? And you were the one that was acting tough against the Migos two years ago ?). Gucci Mane on the other hand really switched up from his before-prison ethic and sold out, for example by featuring on a Jake Paul song. Could you ever see Chief Keef collaborate with some fuckboy like Jake Paul ? Hell no.

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