Women Shop For Coachella-Inspired Outfits Under $100

Women Shop For Coachella-Inspired Outfits Under $100

there’s a lot of cheetah in this section that’s a snake do these look insane you look like a bug oh yeah that’s it do that please do that hey I’m Chloe and I’m Sheila and today we’re gonna try and find a bargain Coachella inspired outfit so how do you feel about Coachella I personally love music festival not only a music festival it’s also a place where you can kind of like express your fashion are you going I’m not singing a little price yeah I’ve never been to chilla and honestly I’m scared of it okay it seems kind of like intimidating because the fashion is such a thing yeah this is like a low-risk way to try out the fashion because it actually have to go there and show it off so we have to keep our outfits under a hundred dollars each are you ready I’m ready let’s do it Coachella it’s a lot of Fringe a lot of crop tops so I’m trying to look for something that gives me like a boho chic vibe think you walk into the men’s I’m overwhelmed isn’t too much stuff is the cropped area which I assume is very to come up oh this is a very Coachella I feel oh yeah it’s a hundred percent yeah yeah well that’s cute yeah if that wasn’t so moment for me I like kind of like the grungy boho chic good so I’m like a lot of like black that’s you boring yeah do you feel like this coach I don’t know six more like a Renaissance Fair that’s the public color right yeah there’s a lot it’s yeah in that section that’s the snake it’s the same oh is that snake oh that’s edgy look at that so of course it sounded good on the topside feel oh wait there’s more there’s more JK that’s the thing about thrift shopping it’s like I could spend hours shopping this blue top of an overall is it I feel like it’s too cute oh yeah that’s it do that please do that I love it I’m gonna look like Selena I’m not trying to perform at Coachella okay I’m trying to attend it I want short right here a skirt like a denim yeah that’s black I didn’t want to get black that makes sense yep yeah that totally it whoa that afraid one’s cool oh yeah Coachella could work too oh they might work with this one yeah might be right let’s see this is the time thing I see people wearing each other I would never yeah I’m all about the grungy grungy look I have enough yeah you think I have enough Diane do the fitting rooms bootylicious but the ground top I feel like is a very crude sell on vibe usually I think bootylicious works at Coachella just like for me the shorts are a little big mm-hmm they feel it all like chunky Oh booty especially it doesn’t look too bad thing the tops cute I feel like the fringe I like the idea of it it’s just like really tight I do like these pieces separately I just don’t think it looks too because chela together I would say wish that these are high waisted oh I like your shorts even that there are a little bit oh babe this is a little too cutesy I think I like how it fits but I don’t think it’s ready Coachella shorts though these are great shorts so yay I feel like this is very Little House on the Prairie meets rock and roll star separately think of work I think I like this everything kind of work but I think with cowboy boots and like maybe the bosses or something Alec mapa chela ok so I think we got something here so with shorts it’s giving me a boho chic vibe you can’t go wrong with black crop top I gotta find jewelry and I need to find some boots I kind of want like I want proper cowboy boots cuz I saw on Pinterest these are in this year sunglasses look at all these sunglasses mm huh how much are these puppies 35 I don’t know if I can afford everything what do you think Chloe do you like this oh I like them like I like them by dating that’s very good show the other ones are these are cool random spray paint on them very good chilla I have no idea if that’s the chilla it might be a little too many colors good job I’ve been informed these boots don’t match so I’m gonna have to point if one this is very hard you want to layer your oh yeah that’s better I think these will go on my feet are six nice they will I think I should be doing price but let’s see what kind of shoes I’m gonna get first when we go to my just like how go it I’m I just look a flea cowgirl I feel like just any black booty would look good this cool yeah that one’s yeah alright okay I feel better about this now I like you if there’s another one of these it was a pad there’s a pair I got it do these look insane you look like a bug I’m not like John Lennon yeah you give me Lady Gaga thighs and I kind of like them I heard that works they’re definitely going for a different look oh this is the pricey thing in here if it’s the only thing that works it’s 4650 that ladies oh that could work so I think I have my outfit hopefully it’s all under a hundred bucks I’ve really tried ready for each other cool I think I’m done I just turned on like 20 passes on the first element it will like but I like these a lot out wait then wait under a hundred bucks yeah it’s pretty impressive I got a lot of items not what I’m going anywhere but now if I ever do go I’ll be ready yeah I don’t know what to do with this outfit I guess you know just fake Coachella no cello cello [Music] [Music] [Music]

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  1. Who loves festival fashion even if they can’t go anywhere? Lol! 🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. Coachella count was off

  3. even better if you could DIY

  4. I don’t want to be the one to say it, but it seems like no one has. Have we forgotten that Coachella is notoriously anti-LGBT (they give tons of money to groups that are against LGBT people). I know their impact on pop culture, but still…

  5. I thought buzzfeed was all about equality? So why are you guys supporting and glamorising a music festival who’s owner has donated thousands of dollars towards many propositions that remove gay rights 🙄

  6. these outfits look more like the outfits you'd wear at coachella in 2014 lmao

  7. Boho is kind of out for Coachella.

  8. Get some Pura Vida Bracelets!! the perfect accessories for festival outfits!! Check out their website and use my code Beatrizaguilar4 for a 20% DISCOUNT!!!👀🙌🏽

  9. They missed sooooo many Coachella’s in the Coachella count

  10. You missed a 'coachella' at 1:35

  11. I’ll stick with neutella instead of Coachella

  12. these outfits are really bad

  13. I always forget there's tax on clothes in other states

  14. I’m really loving the white cowboy boots! Werkkk

  15. They never left the store … I don’t think they actually purchased any of that stuff lol I think they just tried on everything and put it back after filming adding up the total

  16. Buzzfeed fires Shila
    2 months later: post video with Shila

  17. What thrift store has rainbow platforms

  18. Yall missed one "Coachella" count in the fitting room. 😄

  19. Cute outfits, but not very Coachella-y.

  20. Ok but like what thrift store is this cuz like 😯😮😯

  21. Goddamn they cannot dress LMAOOO

  22. Those outfits were trash

  23. I could buy an entire Coachella outfit for 25$ or less (including accessories) at rue21… if you can’t find a look under 100$ then something is WRONG

  24. I’m sorry but I hate their outfits they were wayyyyyyy to boring and basic

  25. they missed several coachellas

  26. No one:

    Shila: yEah I lIke bOhO gRuNge

  27. I love your outfits

  28. $46 for shoes at thrift shop, what? That's kinda expensive for highstreet shops too.

  29. If you’re going to do a coachella count at least do it accurately

  30. Lol “um thats a snake 🐍 “ 😋

  31. $100 is alot for a broke hoe like me

  32. U shouldve used Lauwers to make it more interesting xxx

  33. You need to fix things up yourself, like there's so much they passed over because it was "too long" or not bright enough, but that's where you get it and crop it yourself or add an iron on patch or gems. Especially with festival outfits.

  34. If you are going to count the times they say Coachella, you have to count every time.

  35. buffalo exchange is not a thrift store

  36. LOL That's a Snake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. If you were counting how many times they said Coachella., you missed a good 5

  38. I could get a out for for £30 that's for everything 😂. This is deffo a rip off

  39. When the thrift store is cutter than your actual closet

  40. Everyone keeps talking about this stupid festival but I bet no one knows who the owner gives his money too…..I'll gives you a hint it's the conservative Republicans. 👇


  41. Anyone else find sheila super duper annoying?

  42. imagine if 2nd hand/charity shops were like this in the uk

  43. Take a shot every time they say Coachella

  44. 6:04 "Before tax" well the tax is part of the cost- you will not be able to buy the items without paying the tax- so the price before tax is irrelevant. If you spent over $100 without deducting the tax from the price, then you did not manage to get an outfit for under $100. I don't know how much tax is in america, but VAT is 20% so going with that, they both spent nearer $110. $100 is already a large amount to pay for one outfit, so the extra $10 is not insignificant

  45. I think people are getting confused the cowboy outfits are more Stage Coach vives not Coachella 😒

  46. sub to me 😍

  47. no shade but NO JUST NO

  48. Yoooo the shoes for Coachella NEED to be comfortable. I walked 25 miles in 3 days at Coachella. I wore sneakers and my feet were still dead…..

  49. it gets me so frustrated how i look around the store then look at something WAY BETTER than what they picked and i’m like “TURN AROUND PICK THAT ONE”

    but noOOO uGh

  50. I feel like you guys needed more color

  51. How to shop for coachella

  52. They literally picked up the most un- coachella outfits

    Just sayin

  53. Shiela looks like this Malaysian Instafamous but I can't recall her name tho. She was really famous because she used to be in Vines.

  54. Did I hear 20 pesos from Chloe at 5:59

  55. They missed one Coachella

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