WOW! Singer sounds the same as BOB MARLEY! | STORIES #29

WOW! Singer sounds the same as BOB MARLEY! | STORIES #29

I didn’t expect this. Oh man!
– No! Most participants are attended with a private army
of supporters… … but this dude is here on his own. Do you have a family? – Yes, I have children and, uh,
they ask a lot of attention Are you working as a musician or singer? – No, no, no.
I am a psychiatric nurse. So singing is a hobby to you? – Yes. A serious hobby. Yes, amazing!
– Yes, great! He’s standing there all alone!
– Yes, what a great performance man! You just sang to my heart. I think it was so incredibly beautiful. What you’re capable of…
that is something you want to show everyone, right? Do you know how many people
you inspire with your voice… … how many people believe that it is really
possible to perform here, because of you… … and that everyone will turn. The most beautiful voices belong here. And now, after this, what do you wanna do?
What are your plans? Yes, I don’t really know. I really didn’t expect this. Oh man.
– No! You’re so humble, so modest.
Not normal. Uh, yeah, again, I really didn’t expect this… … and, uh, I actually didn’t tell people to come here,
my children, … Ahhhhh….
– Why not? Because I thought, if daddy fails… – Ahhhhh. Do you know how proud they would be…
Do you know how proud they would be… I hope so. But yeah, if they see it on TV,
I’ll walk away for a little while… I’ll say, you can look together.. He’s crying on stage like a little girl.. – I’m going to tell you… … bin Laden didn’t even hide as good as you. No, but you know, if I need to tell you what
you did right… … there’s no time for that. – Ilse! Yes! – Thank you!
– Thank you! It was really touching. Thank you very much.

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  1. English subtitles available in the settings 🇬🇧🇺🇸

  2. however bob has a higher voice than him…👉

  3. Esse vídeo merece uma legenda!

  4. That's insane 🔥

  5. Ale wieś. Poważny człowiek przed nimi a oni buciory na stole.

  6. Rebirth of Bob Marley?

  7. What lenguage is this?

  8. Sencillamente increíble.👏🏽

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  10. no one will be the next Bob marley!!!

  11. Light it if you got it😁

  12. The judges turned soo fast cause they thought Bob Marley had come back to life

  13. Bob Marley born again !

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  15. He really looks like bob marley and he sounds like bob…

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  17. I love​ Bob Marley

  18. Yang dari indonesia like cuy🇮🇩

  19. Dont sound like the legend to me

  20. The next Bob marley? What a utterly ridiculous comment. Theres a million reggae artists who are more like bob than this guy not to mention his sons for gods sake plus they're actually talented and don't only possess a voice.

  21. Achei pouco parecida a voz na moral.

  22. This comment is for future viewers who watch this in 2021

  23. wow!!!🙌🏽💪🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  24. What ever happened to originality

  25. Bob Marley el rey del reggae

  26. Bob Marley the greatest kept it real

  27. Oh…bring the weeds

  28. Ono wong sleman delok iki ra kiro2 🤣

  29. Perghhhh..meremang bulu tangan aku, ada iras2…hampir dekat sama dgn suara lagenda bob marley…the rastafarian man.

  30. This guy's got an amazing voice but the next Bob Marley no one is the next book Marley he is good though


  32. No one sounds like bob marley!

  33. Im crying when I every listen him…

  34. I Like when Simple People Make Me Amazed


  36. Garojane aku suu

  37. Republik Indonesia
    pekan baru riau
    Jl sakuntala gg nangka

  38. Bro that's a try if you wanna hear the voice of bob listen to his sons steven kimarly ziggy and damian marley those are the voice of the legend i born raise and living in Jamaica

  39. Sempre quis ver completo. Finalmente eu encontrei

  40. Blondie getting more wet by the second lol.

  41. My favorite song.

  42. My legend bob marley


  44. You have to respect and listen that music in respect for Bob Marley..I am talking about this 4 person who is choosing.. you have to sit normal and listen.😤

  45. There’s only one Bob Marley

  46. Bob amcaya selam olsun 🚬

  47. Jamaica 🇯🇲

  48. 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

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  50. Cest jolie mais je ne comprends rien c est quoi cette langue

  51. Hey judgest give some respect for BOB MARLEY put your leg's down from table

  52. wow sounds like bob 👌🔥

  53. What a song name?

  54. Я думал наши ведущие ведут себя, как свиньи презирая артистов, а эти вообще ноги на стол.

  55. Это было просто анвелилэбэл !!! 😃👍👍🔥🔥

  56. a copy? don't need that.

  57. Bob's Missing Son 🙌

  58. Ya ya ya…pls smoke some..😁

  59. Who is bob marley? Actress?

  60. Deutsche macht geschwindigkeit 0.5 wenn ihr die Konversation verstehen wollt 😂

  61. Nice but is not thé same … Impossible

  62. Similar to the level of scary

  63. matteo guendouzi part time job 😂🧐☺️

  64. Reincarnation…🙊🙉🙈

  65. Reincarnation….possibilities are limitless…maybe🙊🙉🙈

  66. Acredita em reecarnacao

  67. Great . I can just say. Great.

  68. co to za bezczelne trzymanie nóg na stole, masakra nie poszedł bym do nich za takie olewanie.

  69. Bob Marley Masih Bernyanyi Don't Worry uuuuuu yeaaaaahhh….

  70. First time goosebumbs over the smartphone , godly voice!

  71. 2020 and I still look for this exact performance.

  72. Bob is from my hometown l in Jamaica

  73. Bob Marley vive ❤️💚💛❤️💚💛 09-03-20❤️💚💛❤️💚💛

  74. Now dig this…There cyan only be one BOB!… An'ting after that is Bobby Socks! … I dont care who the guy.

  75. Wow lol that guy

  76. Of course go with the hot chick

  77. Plot twist: That's Bob Marley

  78. Am sorry to blow your bubbles guys , buy this dude is not Bob Marley!!

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