Xanax – Anxious Rapper (Official Video)

Xanax – Anxious Rapper (Official Video)

Yo, where is this place? 2627 North Glencoe street? It must just… Alright, yeah- This must be it Yeah! Roll up to a party I take a look around
and I don’t know nobody Shit I got invited by my friend Jake I get a text sayin’ he about an hour late! Nah Nah And now I’m standing alone… All alone… Feel like people lookin’ so I whip out my
phone Silicon Acting like I’m texting while I’m really on home… Arbitrarily opening up and closin’ down chrome Defense mechanism My nerves swell Talkin’ to a stranger a version of hell… Well…uh I needa make a game plan it’s a lame plan But when I’m nervous I reserve the same plan Step 1: Start walkin’ in circles I ain’t walkin’ no where but I’m walkin’ with purpose Step- *bottles break* Step 2: Lock myself in bathroom That’s it. There’s only two steps. Oh- Then I take a… Xanax And it’s all okay! Just Xanax All the bad thoughts away! That’s what my plan is Damn! Everything is fine! One Xanax… Gimme that piece of mind If you anxious I know how you feel Don’t worry: you can take a pill Just swallow one that’s what I do Avoid my fear and mask it too! Yo! Instagram, straight postin’ a pic It got my friends in it so you know the likes’ll be sick I’m so slick with the caption pun game in action Hashin’ You know it’s so fun when you get a reaction Hit post, make a lil toast chuckle at my gram God damn, feelin’ like the man spreadin’
gelatin I am… About to be the mayor of Like City But I open up the app and the likes ain’t pretty Only three! One’s me, one’s him One’s her!? The only ones who like are the one’s in
the picture! I know people have seen it but I needa delete
it That shit a dead fish lying there for over
a minute But then it hits me, a most curious thought… Am I equating my self-worth to likes and not Lovin’ me for me? Like, this shit make you hate you Oh my God, I think I’m having a breakth- then I take a Xanax And it’s all okay Just Xanax All the bad thoughts away That’s what my plan is Damn… everything is fine. One Xanax Gimme that piece of mind. If you anxious I know how you feel Don’t worry: you can take a pill. Just swallow one that’s what I do Avoid my fear and mask it too. Yeah! Half past eight, going on a date, kinda late Haulin’ ass fast, tryin’ compensate Afraid cuz it the first one which the worst
one I’m adverse son Probably even worse than in verse one. Need a Zanny so I reach in my pocket Emptied handed I discover that I fucking forgot it I thought it…shit I’m in the bar and she wavin’ She waving from the table she savin’ So I brave it, sit down and it goes fine? We laughin’ sippin’ on the fine ass wine And there’s not a bad second far as I can detect I pay the check, get a peck, trek home and reflect, like All the fears that are up in my head Could I face em’ and not pop Zanny instead? I could grow as a person Become a better version of me No more poppin Z’s- Nahhhh Then I take a Xanax And it’s all okay Just Xanax All the bad thoughts away That’s what my plan is Damn, everything is fine! One Xanax Gimme that piece of mind. If you anxious, I know how you feel Don’t worry: You can take a pill Just swallow one, that’s what I do Avoid my fear and mask it too. Yo – luckily I got over this problem. I mean… I think I did I mean, shit, did I? I… Shit… Oh shit *swallowing sound* Ahh. That’s better.

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  1. hahaha love you steve

  2. Yo this shit actually good

  3. Love it bro 10/10

  4. spreading gelatin HAHAHAHAH

  5. This is everything

  6. 👏👏👏 Satisfied to hear the full song finally, support from day one, keep up the great work, Steve #1

  7. Brilliant. Addresses mental health seriously and hilariously!

  8. Love it! Can see you getting big with work like this. Keep it up!

  9. yo dude this is great

  10. Just because it might have not gotten enough publicity as you wanted that doesn't mean that it's bad so no need to worry and take a xanax
    Edit: NVM Xanax all day

  11. Strong work Chris. More please….

  12. Too catchy. Will now be singing this in public and getting strange looks.

  13. Damn, this turned out amazing! Definitely Going to watch this over and over!

  14. You know how in the past we used to say "Take a chill pill" ironic that now everyone's addicted to xans

  15. Benzo withdrawal is hell. This is kind of awful. Have fun once you have to withdrawal. Delete this. You make Xanax sound like it's good. It's just a horrible medication. Nobody should ever be prescribed in 2018

  16. Is this Lil Dicky’s step cousin? Dude sounds like Dicky and kinda looks like him..

  17. I see Asher Roth in him, very good.

  18. he explained everything, people are so stupid

  19. This is probably the best thing I’ve ever seen. I’m suprised this dosent have millions of view by now

  20. Stay away really addicting. It's a hell of a drug.

  21. Loool i can relate. Not that i do xanax (anymore)

  22. Absolutely fire🔥💯🔥

  23. This is incredible, I respect what you're doing so much, thank you for this.

  24. Tell us when you hit withdrawal.

  25. "I ain't walkin nowhere, but I'm walkin' with purpose" … true true.

  26. Lil dicky called he wants his style and flow back

  27. Here before it blows up

  28. this should have like millions of views rn

  29. In some time you gonna become huge

  30. I feel personally attacked by this relatable content.


  32. Promoting xanax use… Fucking nice one bro lmao. Absolute shit.

  33. Hey. You're really cool.

    Also I'm your 309th sub! Posting for future bragging rights

  34. Brilliant, love it.

  35. Love that ironic comedy, keep doing u dude

  36. Realizing I’m only your 374th subscriber is wild. Love what you’re doing. It’s satire/comedy, but so darkly real. You’re gonna go far. Keep it up. Remember us when you’re famous! Lol

    FUCK this song for trying to make xanax look cool.

  38. Thank you sir, for at least lightening the conversation up. Too many people don't want to talk about mental health because of it's "serious" nature. Honestly, it's not something you can combat with only your therapist and doctor's help. People need to realize that the way they treat one another has consequences.

  39. i can relate to this.

  40. Nice work. =) Coincidentally my most recent video was also about anxiety with a musical element… 😉

  41. When the song stopped and the crashing of the beer, Whooo.. my heart started thumping.

  42. Lil Dickey poster in his bedroom

  43. This song is great lol

  44. What I'd do for all those xans!! Errr ma gerd!! I be like 😖😔😏🙋💊😄😓😝😛😪😮😵😴 nxt day 😨 I didn't think i took that many! O shit did I really do that while everyone was looking at me? O well guess I need another xanax😇

  45. Hey do u sawallow or snot the bar(xanax) pill

  46. How does this have so little views? This is fucking comedy gold.

  47. Well produced for a small channel men great job

  48. This song is trash. It's fucked up to the people like myself who don't abuse xanax and take it only when were suffering from panic/anxiety attacks. This cornball rapping about taking it because he has no self confidence is fucking stupid 🖕

  49. Never seen so many bars in my life 0_o

  50. That's a real Xanax at 1:58 on his lip. S903 green 2mg

  51. I need this as my ringtone

  52. Yo I love this! This is too good bro

  53. He's making fun of people who actually take xanax for medical conditions aka me and lots of other people

  54. This is hilarious and true at the same time. How doesn't this have more views?

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