Z-POP SCHOOL : A to Z – Ep. 4 Busking at Hongdae

Finally, we’re now here at Hongdae! [Z-Girls begin to advertise their busking]

-Please come watch our busking! Okay! Yay! Z-Girls appeal to people actively Can Z-Girls succeed in busking? 1 hour before busking So girls, we only have 1 hour left to prepare for busking So let’s do the list! The first one is ‘Me Too,’ for the choreography dance, and then we should sing together, right? ‘Our Secret Love Song’ – Secret love songs! Our ‘Secret Love Song’ They are so serious since they waited for this performance so much -Are you ready with your song?
-Yes! -And you?
-Yes! Okay, so we should practice now,
and the last song will be Swalla -And before that, you sing too!
-Yeah! I’m going to sing but it’s so cold But yeah, well, I will try my best!
Oh, so nervous! We should practice now For the audience who will come for busking Z-Girls practices very hard We will pray for the successful busking! After a while Z-Girls’ moving performance will begin Thank you! 10 minutes before busking Suddenly Z-Girls shout with one voice Please come watch us! Come watch our busking! Please come watch our busking! Attracting audience before it starts! Glance People are getting interested~ In no time, the place is filled with people! Fighting! (Cheer up!) Z-Girls finally starts busking! They are so excited with their first busking! [They have successfully finished the first performance!]

-Thank you so much! Okay, 1, 2, 3! What you waiting for?! Hello! We are Z-Girls! Enjoying it Wow! Look at the crowd! [It’s filled with people]

-There are a lot of people! We never expected to be like this, wow! -It is a big crowd!
-Yes, it is! Thank you all! -Our next song! We would like to sing an English song that we rewrote!
-We will sing a Pop song! [Second performance is the song rewritten by Vanya]

-Vanya, our member, rewrote the lyrics by herself with the song Dae-bak! (Super!) I hope you guys enjoy it, because I share my deep feelings into the song Aww ‘Secret love song’ that was rewritten with Vanya’s emotion After spending precious time in Korea And now they wish to take a step foward Z-Girls’ future is anticipated [After the second performance]

-Oh my gosh, how was it? How was my song? -Did I perform well? I wanna know~
-[Nods] The kids loved Vanya’s song! Thank you so much! Busking is more heated! They show off singing, dancing, rapping.. It’s already the last performance! Everybody, give it up for Carlyn! Oh, no clap? Thank you! Hoping the emotions will be delivered… Singing very eagerly… Everyone goes crazy for Carlyn’s song Carlyn! Why you flirting with a guy? It’s just that we feel the song, right?! Right, oppa? Right? First time, oppa?! 16 (years old)! 16! Actually, once again, we are Z-Girls! And we are planning to debut this February, but before that, we wanted to meet you all of you, through this Busking! Thank you so much!
Thank you so much 1, 2, 3! What you waiting for?!
Thank you so much! We are Z-Girls! Busking with audience is successful! Thank you guys! Hi everyone! Welcome to our pre-debut celebration! It’s really good! What is the story that made Z-Girls cry and laugh? Please give us love and support!

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