Zongli Interview – 2018 Echo Music & Art Festival promotion video 【Chinese dub, English sub】

When I was a kid I would sing along to the music from my dad’s radio Then I started to realize that I was often obsessed with listening to music when I was seven or eight. Ever since you started standard music education in China the teacher would began to tell you the rules and restrictions “Pipa has four strings” “The lowest note of Erhu is middle D” “Traditional instruments should always express national characters” I never had a doubt before I thought these were the rules the unchangeable truths Then I came to America and I started to feel more liberated I began to question all that I have learned Are they really that exclusive and unbreakable? I wanted to make attempts to try the things that haven’t been done before or those that were considered impossible or incorrect I think it is an enjoyment for an artist I don’t want the audience to simply listen to the music when I am on the stage I want it to be more like a show a show that contains music, performers, and the audience We create the show together Compare to listening to music alone, I think the “show” contains richer colors more imaginations and more potential If a performance only strives for emotional sincerity or faultless actions all you need to do is to liberate your nature or practice hard enough But I think a good performance is the combination of the tacit understanding between the performers and the audience and the ultimate approach towards perfection I would dedicate my whole life in perusing performances like that

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